Marvel’s Cutest Queer Couple Shines In Adorable Romantic Fanart

WARNING: Content reveal for Marvel’s Love Unlimited: Hulkling and Wiccan Infinity Comic Talented artist tokitokororo recently revealed a stunning Valentine’s Day fan art that celebrates worthy LGBTQ+ love. love between fan-favorite Young Avengers heroes Wiccan and Hulkling, proving once again that they’re Marvel’s cutest gay couple and one of the cutest couples in the comics.

Hulkling and Wiccan, also known as Teddy and Billy Altman-Kaplan, are an adorable couple of fans and other heroes in the Marvel Universe. Their amazing marriage at the event Nine Tieu Steal the hearts of readers everywhere. Now, their love is captured in a beautiful Fanart time location Share it on Twitter.

Billy and Teddy’s wonderful and enduring relationship is a prime example of the representation of homosexuality in mainstream manga, and tokitokoro’s beautiful Valentine’s Day fanart of two lovers is a powerful reminder of the love these two share.

Hulkling and Wiccan will always be a fan favorite

Both Hulkling and Wiccan have experienced massive buffs over the past few years. Billy gets even more magic thanks to his destiny as the divine Demiurge. Meanwhile, Teddy becomes Emperor of the new Kree-Skrull Empire, taking his place among the stars as the son of the original Mar-Vell captain. While both of these powerful heroes debuted as the Young Avengers alongside other notable heroes like Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Billy’s brother Speed, and the Patriots. However, since then Nine Tieu Time goes back to 2020. The couple starred in Hulking & Wiccan: Abilities— Written by Josh Trujillo, with art by Jodi Nishijima and Matt Milla – a hilarious adventure across the multiverse that begins with the witch Agatha Harkness casting an evil spell and they begin a new life with lovers of Goebig and Eidolon. When the adventure has ended, leading to a more secure relationship between the two, the story continues in recent times. Marvel’s Unlimited Love: Hulkling & Wiccan, Also written by Josh Trujillo, with artwork provided by tokitokoro, the artist behind this beautiful Valentine’s Day fan art.

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Marvel’s Unlimited Love: Hulkling & Wiccan Watch the return of Goebig, Hulkling’s alternate reality lover. The great hero returns to Teddy and asks him to help restore the memories of his people, who were recently slaughtered by the evil king of the universe, Arasmer. ability Billy is forced to confront his jealousy over Teddy and Gerbig’s “past” relationship, while supporting her husband and Gerbig against Alasmer. The talented Tokitokoro, primarily a cartoonist outside of his work at Marvel, has brought a unique style to the worlds of Wiccan and Hulkling, and his work Couple Valentine is no exception. highlights the romantic relationship between two young heroes. endless Love The ending is happy, and Goebig remains friends with Hulkling and Wiccan as the happy couple’s relationship strengthens. Hopefully this will remove any insecurities they had after their clash with Harkness.

Only time will tell Billy and Teddy’s future

Unlimited Love Hulkling and Wiccan Tokitoro 2

Marvel’s Unlimited Love: Hulkling & Wiccan The ending, with Billy finding his other real-life love, the spooky Eidolon, and apologizing for abandoning him, opens up the possibility for Trujillo and tokitokoro to explore the manga in the future for motivation. their next. Until then, tokitokoro’s Valentine’s Day artwork — which tells the beautiful romance between young Avengers heroes The Weekn and Hulk — is a tribute to romance and vital power. center among Marvel’s loveliest gay couples. And the perfect way to represent LGBTQ+ that matters.

Marvel’s Love Unlimited: Hulkling and Wiccan Infinity Comics Available to read on Marvel Unlimited.

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