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Massimo Ranieri Wiki:- Massimo Ranieri, an Italian musician, actor, TV presenter and director, was born Giovanni Calone on May 3, 1951. Ranieri was the fifth of eight children in his family when he was born in Naples (in Saint Lucia).

When he was ten years old, little Giovanni sang at receptions and other events. About four years later, he was noticed by a music producer and sent to New York to record an EP as Gianni Rock.

Massimo Ranieri Wiki

In 1964 he recorded four songs: La prima volta, Se mi aspetti stasera, Non chiudere la porta and Tanti auguri signora. All the records failed, mainly due to the change in the voice of the young Gianni. He would reappear two years later under his new stage name, Massimo Ranieri.

She sang “Bene mio” for the first time on television in 1966. A year later, she performed on television again, this time singing “Pietà per chi ti ama”. She released three more songs in 1968: “Da Bambino”, “Ma L’amore Cos’è”, and “Preghiera”.

Massimo Ranieri


The names and origins of Massimo Ranieri’s parents are unknown. The names of his siblings are also unknown. Every time there is new information about Massimo Ranieri, we update it.

Massimo Ranieri ParentsMassimo Ranieri Parents


Ranieri was never married. His daughter Cristiana was born out of wedlock in 1971 to Franco Sebastiani. He refused to take part in raising his daughter, claiming that he was too immature and inexperienced to be a father and that it would hurt his professional status.

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He was never linked to another lady after that. From the time she was in her 20s until they met, he had no contact with her daughter.

In early 2007, she made the decision to publicly acknowledge her estranged daughter and gave her her first live televised hug. The reunion of father and daughter was full of tears. In July 2011, he became a grandfather.

Massimo Ranieri with his daughterMassimo Ranieri with his daughter


In 1970, Ranieri decided to pursue acting. He received the David DiDonatello Award for Best Actor for his performance as a lead character in his first feature, Metello, which received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics.

Later that year, he starred in the television movie La Sciantosa with Anna Magnani. He played a carabinieri executed by the Nazis during World War II in the 1974 film Salvo D’Acquisto. Massimo focused on his acting career after his singing career began to wane in 1975.

He has worked with directors Mauro Bolognini, Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, Giorgio de Lulla, Giorgio Strehler, and Maurizio Scaparra, interpreting a variety of material from contemporary dramas and musicals to Molière and Shakespeare.

Massimo Ranieri's careerMassimo Ranieri’s career


Massimo Ranieri was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on October 16, 2002 (FAO). He played a street performer in his first French film, the Les Parisiens trilogy, which he shot in 2004.

After a long illness from which he finally recovered, he triumphantly returned to the stage in 2005 with the production of “Accuss Grande”.

net worth

One of the richest and most famous singer-songwriters is Massimo Ranieri. Massimo Ranieri’s net worth is $5 million, according to our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

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Q.1 Who is Massimo Ranieri?

Answer Massimo Ranieri is an Italian musician and actor.

Q.2 What is Massimo’s net worth?

Answer 5 million dollars

Q.3 Is Massimo married?

Answer No

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