You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the animal in this eye-straining illusion – there’s a trick to make it work

THIS awesome optical illusion has an animal hiding in the middle…can you spot the sneaky creature?

There is a special trick that makes the optical illusion work, but only the eagle-eyed can solve the puzzle without using it.


Can you see the outline of a famous animal? Credit: reddit

At first, the image may seem like an endless compilation of black and white zigzag lines.

But on closer inspection, something is wrong: there is a way to the deceptive illusion, originally posted on Reddit.

One user said: “My eyes are watering just watching this.”

Another said: “Scroll up and down or swipe left then right.”

One curious viewer said: “It’s weird how when I look at it I can’t see anything, but when I scroll down or go back, it pops up right away!”

Did you manage to find the animal?

The trick is to quickly move your phone or computer up and down; the shape of a famous jungle animal should be hidden in the image. Have you seen a gorilla?

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This clever illusion can reveal hidden aspects of your personality; however, it all depends on what you see first.

The image shows the profile of the face of a man with black hair gelled on his head.

However, the eagle-shaped onlookers were not the first to see the man, but rather the little penguin.

What did you see first?

The way different people approach solving puzzles, optical illusions, and other problems can reveal a lot about their thought processes and personalities.

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If you can spot the woman in this optical illusion without help, then you are detail oriented.

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Or test your eyesight by seeing how quickly you can spot the bird that caught the worm.

This optical illusion will reveal if you are nostalgic or progressive.

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