Masters of the Universe: Revolution Recasts Teela With Supergirl Star

Master of the Universe: Revolution Recreate the heroine Teela with the CW . star Superwoman. Upcoming Netflix animated series touted as a Kevin Smith sequel Lord of the Universe: Apocalypse. The movie premieres in 2021, providing a new sequel schedule to the iconic 1980s series He-Man and the Lord of the Universe, bringing back many fan-favorite characters. This includes the burly He-Man (Chris Wood), the sinister Skull (Mark Hamill) and He-Man’s brave protector Tila (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

Currently, blur A new actor has been announced to take on the role of Teela Master of the Universe: Revolution. The role will be played by Melissa Benoist, best known for playing the Kryptonian heroine in the Arrowverse series. SuperwomanBenoist is the latest actor to join the franchise after the legendary William Shatner, who is playing a currently undisclosed role.

Melissa Benoist Continues Effective Collaboration With Kevin Smith

Benoist is best known for playing Supergirl, Superman’s cousin, a role she played in 126 episodes over six seasons. However, she has a lot of experience with genres outside of the realm of heroes. This includes one of her star roles as Marley Rose, a new student at McKinley High in Seasons 4 and 5. Delightedand dramatic roles in movies like low racer and by Damien Chazelle crack.

Her first collaboration with Smith was when he asked her to bring her superhero skills to his 2019 comedy. restart jay and be quiet. In that movie, she attacked her Arrowverse character by playing the Chronic.weed-themed superhero that originally appeared in the fictional comic book Bluntman and Chronic Disease During Smith’s 1997 outing Chase.

That cameo led to another fruitful collaboration between the two in the sequel to his latest film. father’s secretary. And Master of the Universe: Revolution Now that the trilogy project is over they’ve worked on, it’s easy to see the bottom line. Smith called on her to breathe life into another iconic hero, again building on her legacy as Supergirl, just over a year after the show aired.

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