Matt Riddle leaked viral video sparks outrage online on the internet

Recently, a WWE Raw star recently had an explicit video go viral on the internet and an update was posted on how it happened. Read more article and follow us to get all ideas. Recently, Matt Riddle returned to the company after being off television for months. The Original Bro was written off television last December due to an attack by The Bloodline’s Solo Siko. He was on hiatus from the company until the conclusion of WWE Wrestlemania 39 and has since joined Undisputed Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in their feud against The Bloodline.

Matt Riddle released a viral video

An explicit video of the 37-year-old superstar went viral on the internet and a recent report shed light on the situation lately. According to Ringside News, Matt Riddle sent the video to someone on Snapchat and did not expect it to be revealed to the public. The original brother posted the video himself and it was not hacked like other wrestlers whose personal media has gone viral on the internet. The person Riddle sent the video to downloaded it from Snapchat and shared it online. WWE star Sami Zayn has opened up about his relationship with Matt Riddle, recently praising Matt Riddle and admitting he feels guilty over The Bloodline’s attack on him last year.

matte riddle

Sami was part of The Bloodline when Solo Sikoa orchestrated a brutal attack on Riddle and sent him out of the arena on a stretcher. The former honorary Uce confirms that he feels guilty about the attack, but Matt accepts that he is no longer part of The Bloodline. Matt Riddle teamed with the Undisputed Tag Team Champions to defeat Solo Siko and The Usos of the Bloddline in a 6-man tag team match this Saturday at WWE Backlash. It will be interesting to see what awaits the former United States Champion on WWE Raw after the draft. We would like you to comment on his views on the above news and share this information if you find it correct and informative. Would you like to see Matt Riddle get a push on WWE Raw? Let us know in the comments section.

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matte riddle

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