MCU Phase 4: Could A Marvel Team Red Movie Happen?

With so much MCU Phase 4 news lately, is there any chance of a red team movie from the comics? While not an officially named team in Marvel Comics, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Daredevil have occasionally teamed up to fight crime. Fans affectionately refer to the dysfunctional trio as the “Red Team” because they share the same red outfit color scheme.

For years, the idea of ​​seeing a truly collaborative red team was a pipe dream. In the early days of the MCU, the Spider-Man movie rights belonged to Sony, while the Deadpool movie rights belonged to 20th Century Fox. While the rights to Daredevil are owned by Marvel, the fact that the character has been tied to the Marvel Netflix universe from the outset means he’s unlikely to appear in the movies: That’s the date it happened. The deep disagreement between Marvel’s television division and Marvel Studios, with the studio’s End of Matters showing the need to ensure that the Marvel Netflix universe exists as separate from its cinematic universe as possible. Good.

But for now, there’s a good chance the Red Team movie will premiere in Phase 4. The logistical and legal work that has taken place has changed a lot over the past few years. Disney acquires Fox, thanks to which Marvel gets the rights to Deadpool, R -review deadpool 3 Movies are in the works and confirmed to be part of the MCU. There are a lot of rumors that Charlie Cox will join Spiderman 3. While Marvel has yet to officially confirm these reports, in interviews in recent weeks Wanda’s VisionFollowing its release, the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, took a hilarious “whatever happens” approach when asked about Cox’s involvement in the MCU – something that has happened in the history. history. In the words of a tight-lipped executive, it’s almost a “yes” statement.

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Teamwork can also take place in a variety of ways. Spider-Man 3 It will be a pure red team movie. With so many confirmed villains, and with Spider-Man actors Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire rumored to be reprising their respective Spider-Man roles, Cox (or, perhaps, even the Spider-Man roles). Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool) has a lot to offer. Every appearance is more likely to be a cameo. A better option might be deadpool 3In the past, when the franchise was still in the hands of Fox, the third Deadpool movie was targeted as an X-Force gathering movie. Now that it’s on Marvel, though, it’s safe to assume those plans have been scrapped in favor of moving to something that fits the MCU. Maybe a Daredevil and Spider-Man movie? It’s also important to note that many Marvel movie release dates that are more than two years old are currently held by the “Untitled Marvel Movie” placeholder, which is standard procedure at the studio, so it’s also a sign big question at this time.

If Marvel can make a movie about Red Team, it will be impressive. One of the reasons this trio is so popular in the comics is that their completely different and different personalities make them so disorderly and endearing. The relentlessly wise Spider-Man is controlled by the mobile Deadpool during this time, leading to constant bickering between them and poor Daredevil, who gets stuck in the middle and becomes the father of the team. However, it can be difficult to stand out on live-action due to the contrasting tones of the franchise. A young and innocent Peter Parker won’t necessarily adapt easily to Deadpool’s R-rated violence, or even Daredevil’s dark and brooding tone. However, if any studio can figure out how to combine the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, a mouthy mercenary, and the devil from Hell’s Kitchen into the same movie in MCU Phase 4 (or later). ) then it will work, and that’s Marvel.

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