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In spite of Edwin Caze In March 2023, he confirmed that he was separating from his wife Daysi Anahy, whose ex-lover had just welcomed their third child. The Grupo Firme singer revealed via social media that his baby’s name is Christian, and he was born at a hospital in Los Angeles.

Edwin Caze He has always made it clear that his children and wife are his top priorities, despite his hectic work schedule. In addition, he has repeatedly shown his dedication in raising his young children. It is true that, despite the bad moment in their relationship, he has shown how happy he is for the new member of his family.

It should be recalled that in November 2023 Mexican artist and his wife at the time announced that they were expecting another child. Over the months, they also said they decided to name the boy Christian in honor of “a friend who left us too soon”. So what are your other kids’ names and how many are there? Here we tell you.

Eduin Caz confirmed in March 2023 that he has separated from his wife and children’s mother Daysi Anahy (Image: Eduin Caz/ Instagram)


Eduin Caz and his ex-wife Daysi Anahy have 3 children together: named Eduin Gerardo, Dhasia Geraldine and Christian, the youngest.


Through his Instagram account, Eduin Caz announced the birth of a third son named Christian. As the artist revealed, the minor arrived earlier than planned but in good health.

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“Welcome to my little piece of heaven. You’re a little ahead of me, but it’s good that I have you in my hands. Thank you for this blessing Daisy Anahy,” wrote group singer Grupo Firme.

In his post, made on June 6, 2023, the Mexican artist shared a photo of him holding his son in his arms, kissing him and then smiling for the camera. Undoubtedly, your luck is excellent.

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dhasia geraldine

Dhasia Geraldine is the second daughter of Eduin Caz and his ex-wife Daysi Anahy. The girl was born in August 2020 and is the “princess” of the family because she is the only daughter of an artist.

Eduin Caz did not miss the opportunity to give beautiful messages to his daughter on social networks, because he once confessed that he “melted with love” for her.

We also find that he always tries to be very present for the minors, despite the fact that he doesn’t spend much time at home. For him, children are the greatest blessing.

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edudin gerardo

The first child of the family is Eduin Gerardo, born in July 2015. Many followers of Eduin Caz think that the boy is very similar to his father in appearance.

In an interview with “The Minute That Changed My Destiny” in February 2022, singer Grupo Firma revealed that his eldest son wants to follow in his footsteps in the music industry. He also confirmed that he strives to be disciplined and rigorous in the upbringing of minors.

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“I don’t want my kids to lose weight…, lazy (say) ‘Ah, Dad has money.’ Currently, my child is starting primary school and the whole kindergarten is a first success. Every morning I wake him up at 7 o’clock and if I’m not there I say: ‘Wake up, baby’. I have a class.” he declared.

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