Merge Witches MOD APK (Unlimited money) 4.8.0

The Witches are the ones who perform miracles for us in the Witches of Unity. But now they face the complexities of disaster. You are the only one qualified to help them in this matter. Construct buildings and rebuild them with extreme care. Bring life to a dying city and become its brilliant leader. You are not only a warrior, but also a talented and kind person. Let ddaauf do the work of recreating what has been forgotten.

Consolidation is something we’ve heard a lot about if we understand the genre of this game well. But leaving the biggest impression on everyone can only be the appearance of witches and wizards. Build games with high intellectual interaction and clarity. A magical world created by witches. You are a magician with magical spells to achieve your goals. All of these use a pre-sorted direct merge mechanism. Create an interesting space in unexpected ways.

Download the Merge Witches – Restore Sky Castle mod

The evil forces have created a disaster, causing the city in the sky to be devastated. To save it, the mages had to use their ultimate fusion magic. Let’s make it something that brings people joy. You will use this magic to merge all the same things. Help it develop its ability to return to its original state. These will help you gain experience to level up quickly. The higher the level, the faster the things that are sealed will unlock and craft materials. Try to restore the city to how it was before.

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Collect Creatures

Of course, your energy source will be generated from the creatures in the city. To collect them, the only way is to merge eggs. In the next levels, the eggs will hatch, create animals and mature for you to collect. They will create a wealth of experience to help you continue your work. Dragons, phoenixes, goblins and goblins are all helpful for this journey. So finding them and adding them to your collection is imperative. Regardless of good or evil, as long as it can benefit us with indestructible energy.

merge free witch mods

beat the puzzle

Merge Witch has over 300 different puzzle levels to reward you. Each group requires you to skillfully merge to complete the goal. Each level of increasing difficulty to challenge your wits. Sprouts, buildings or creatures are waiting for you to unleash. These super fun levels will bring us unique moments of entertainment. You don’t have to think too much to find your winnings. Do right. Everything will be done according to your request as quickly as possible. Find the same things and combine them perfectly.

merge witch mod apk

Bonus quests

Besides the main quest in the puzzle, we also have many other daily quests. These daily tasks will cover the functions you need to perform to get what you deserve. It has the effect of increasing the amount of experience gained. Help get more coins, diamonds and expertise if your hard work is maxed out in the Merge Witches mod.

Download Merge Witches MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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