The Boys: The 8 Tallest (& 7 Shortest) Actors In The Cast

as boys It’s about a world where superheroes walk among us, and some actors wear capes and hoods that are said to be oversized. Of course, some of them are taller than ordinary people, but some of their status comes from the confidence and personality they exude rather than their height.

Amazon’s hit series has ended its second season and is set to begin production next season, with Hughie, Butcher and The Boys taking over The Seven and Vought International, and characters come and go. Because it focuses on behind-the-scenes footage of the lives of superheroes, as well as the marketing and publicity involved in increasing their popularity, it will be interesting to see what height can be. influence their success (or how much they cheated to get there). When it comes to the height of the actors in the movie, short or tall is a big PR question!

UPDATE by Kayleena Pierce-Bohen on June 16, 2022: Season three of The Boys is finally here and sure to be explosive. Some Superman rise to the top, like Starlight as Seven’s co-captain, while others feel less popular than Homelanders. With The Deep back and Stormfront scrapped, Seven is being rearranged, with a bunch of new actors joining the cast to fill those super seats.

the tallest actor among the boys

Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) 6′.5″

Not only was he notoriously rude and unfriendly, but Billy Butcher had grounds to support his rough manners. At 6 feet-5, he’s taller than a French Bulldog or even Mother’s Milk, and his height earns him the respect of the group.

Billy is even a few inches taller than the Homelander, which is a small win that might give him a certain amount of comfort when he considers everything else Homelander is trying to take from him; his wife, son and reputation. While there’s some debate as to whether Billy is as bad as his nemesis, he definitely beats him in terms of height (and now, maybe superpowers).

Jesse Arthur (A-Train) 6′.5″

A. Practice crossing your arms

While Jessie T Usher’s A-Train is capable of sprinting in a time frame the average person can’t imagine, he’s not a compact superhero. At 6 feet-5, he’s technically the second tallest member of the Seven, after Black Noir. Is this just one of many reasons Homelander doubts he will rejoin the team?

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A-Train’s superhuman speed does not depend on his height, but taller people are more prone to heart diseases. Unfortunately, A-Train’s heart attack came from taking too much of Compound V to boost his abilities and stay relevant.

Nathan Mitchell (Black) 6’2″

black boy

Tall, dark and quiet, Black Black is the most mysterious of the Seven Gods. There’s a few things about him that only fans of the comics know (except maybe because he’s allergic to tree nuts), and everything else is shrouded in darkness – that’s exactly what the aura he likes to show off.

While one of his greatest abilities is stealth, for a man who can infiltrate anywhere without leaving a trace, he’s a big target when he’s inside. clear vision. At 6-foot-2, he’s taller than Homelander and is technically the tallest member of the Seven.

Jack Quaid (Hughie) 6’1″

Boys season 1 is the best Hughie has more action

While Hughie may seem like a mid-skill with no hard skills, over the course of two seasons he has matured into his own person and has proven to be a great addition to the team. At 6 foot-1 tall, he’s the tallest of the boys, including Butcher, who likes to command him every chance he gets.

Besides his close girlfriend Annie, aka Starlight, the two create unusual silhouettes with marked differences in height. Hughie’s size doesn’t prove to be his advantage in the series, as he’s often uncertain of his standing and isn’t well known for particular sports.

Miles Gaston Villanueva (Sonics) 6’1″

Miles Gaston Villanueva as Sonic in The Boys

Sonic, played by Miles Gaston Villanueva, is Starlight’s ex-boyfriend and candidate for Seven. Vought’s reality TV series managed to fill its charts, but Supersonic topped the list, even though DHS (and Huey to some extent) thought his high ratings were solely due to a relationship his past relationship with Interstellar Contact.

Adorable and dedicated, Supersonic has the personality of a true superhero, and at 6’1″ he casts the right shadow, but is there room for him among all the egos? other of Seven it?

Jason Akers (Soldier Boy) 6’0″

soldier boy

One of the best new characters introduced after season 1, Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles as a raw version of Marvel’s Captain America, is filled with fake patriotism and almost as disgusting bravado as a frustrated Homeland Security agent.

At 6 feet-0, Soldier Boy is a bit taller than Sevens’ vice-captain, and the DHS isn’t really happy about that. Unlike the Homeland Security guy, Soldier Boy doesn’t pretend to be two different sides of himself, showing the most authentic (and abrasive) version of himself to everyone.

Anthony Starr (Homeland) 5’11”

Aboriginal and his son Lane among the boys

Standing at a respectable 5-foot-11, Anthony Starr uses his height to Homelanders’ advantage, but knowing that an inch or two above his partner isn’t the only thing that scares him . Starr plants a subversive threat to the leader of the Seven, making him an evil superhero even when he’s smiling for a photo.

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many promotional materials boys To suggest that DHS is the tallest member of Seven is not true. Still, Homelander’s claim to be shown as the physically strongest member of the team makes perfect sense when considered in terms of viral promotional material within Vought’s marketing team.

Sean Patrick Flanery (Gunpowder) 5’11”

Sean Patrick Flanery as Gunpowder in Boys and Comics

Gunpowder, played by Sean Patrick Flannery, is Soldier Boy’s companion and fellow Crimson Countess, Payback. He is known to be a gun enthusiast with a temper to match the ferocity of bullets.

At 5 foot-11, he often gave Butcher a formidable gunfighter partner at gun shows, but after Butcher grabbed some V24s, Superman was over. His secondary abilities are no match for Butcher’s newly discovered super strength and laser vision.

shortest actor among the boys

Giancarlo Esposito (Stan Edgar) 5’7.5″

Giancarlo Esposito as Stan Edgar in The Boys

At 5 feet 7.5 inches tall, Giancarlo Esposito, CEO of Vought International, is rarely the tallest person in the room. However, he never shows insecurities, instead, he likes to show a sense of poise that makes him appear taller than he really is. Being cornered by Homelander wasn’t enough to upset Stan Edgar, who knew his position was as strong as Homelander’s fist.

Even as Vought International faced the ongoing scandal surrounding Compound V, and Homelander’s behavior became increasingly erratic, Stan Edgar continued to forge ahead with a finely-honed wing tip. .

Nick Wexler (Blue Eagle) 5’7″

The Boys season 3 blue eagle costume

In the face of the negative publicity Vought received from Stormfront’s blatant fascism, Blue Eagle, played by Nick Wechsler, finds himself in boiling water for a hate crime in which he murdered savages. man a black man. Although 5 feet-7 tall and possibly shorter than his peers, he has the ability to send someone flying through walls with a single punch, hence his decision to use excessive force. have been particularly scrutinized.

While more is known about the other new Supermans appearing in season 3, Blue Eagle is a bit less developed, but still provides the perfect target for Butcher and the boys, who have assembled the The most violent superhero to be the most evil. : Homeland Security.

Erin Moriarty (Starlight) 5’6″

Starlight shows her kinetic abilities in boys

At 5’6″, Erin Moriarty’s Starlight was the shortest member of the Seven before the arrival of Stormfront, although it can be difficult to tell the difference between her platform boots and her thick hair. Vought’s marketing ensured that Starlight stood out despite being a rookie, but she was just as impressive as the rest of her teammates.

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Not having the physical prowess allows Starlight to let go of its stupid superheroes and blend in with the masses, often supporting boys without going unnoticed. She can look like someone else when she wants to, making it harder for Vought to keep track of her every move. Fortunately, her strange superpowers don’t depend on the height advantage.

Laurie Holden (Countess of Scarlet) 5’5″

Crimson Countess

Laurie Holden, one of the other main cast members of season 3, plays Countess Crimson, Soldier Boy’s former teammate who can create beams of energy whenever her fingers touch each other. . With her famous super partner and her membership in a super organization of one of Seven’s rivals, Butcher’s team turned to her for information that could help them take down Vought. .

At 5’5″ tall, she may look compact, but she can stand alone against Kimiko, considered one of the strongest and most dangerous members of the boys. Fight in many battles in the kingdom of inclusion.

Elizabeth Shue (Madeline Stillwell) 5’3″

Madeleine Stilwell Boy Part 1

Madelyn Stillwell is often considered the “face” of Vought. She’s responsible for guiding the various personalities in Seven, placate Homelander (who has a bad habit of thinking she’s the only member of Seven that matters), and serves as the main antagonist in the first season. of the character’s activity.

Although only 1.5m tall, Madeleine Stillwell knows how to work in the room. Whether in the boardroom at Water Towers or in a room full of congressmen debating the merits of bringing in con artists into the U.S. military, Madeleine didn’t let her height get in the way of getting what she wanted. .

Kimiko (Karen Fukuhura) 5’1″

Kimiko is in the shop, the boys are covered in blood

What Black Noir is to Seven, what Kimiko is to the boys, a mysterious young woman with extraordinary powers. Over the course of two seasons, the team was able to unravel her story and learn that she had been turned into an unstoppable killing machine by the Shining Liberation Army in Japan.

Although she is only 5 feet 1 inch tall, being the smallest member of the boys, she is the one with the highest fighting ability. She defeated every major assassin of the seven, including Black Black, and helped destroy the Storm front.

Stormfront (Aya Cash) 5’1″

Boys before the storm

Stormfront is small but big trouble. Although actress Aya Cash is only 1.5m tall, she looks more dignified than her height. The once-fascist American nationalist was part of Season 2 after Translucent’s untimely death.

Hughie and The Boys are like many who underestimate Stormfront’s power based on her looks. With incredible electrical abilities beyond Starlight, she is one of the most dangerous members of the Seven despite her small stature.

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