Don’t get fired! MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.57

Don’t get fired! This game allows you to take the challenge of finding a job and stick with it for a long time. With simple gameplay, players will start looking for a job they love and find a way to not get fired. Similar to recent graduates, your character needs a job to earn an income. But don’t get fired! In many different situations, everyone wants a stable job with advancement opportunities. However, everything backfired, worked hard, and was easily fired. Don’t give up and keep looking for a new job that’s right for you. There is always an ideal workplace waiting for you.

From a person who has no job and no relationship, players will develop themselves to a high position in society. Don’t get fired! Built on the harsh working environment in Korea. Players role-play to find opportunities for themselves. This game is not for the easily discouraged, you will learn more about perseverance after completing the levels. Losing a job will become a familiar habit of players.

Download and don’t get fired! mod – grow up in a harsh working environment

What do you think when your job changes often? Don’t get fired! Help strong players cope. Even if you work for a business and get fired later. For many, this is a time of stagnation. But for the players who are not fired! Then this is the challenge you need to overcome. With each fall, you grow and gain more experience. Try everything you think you can do. You’ll soon find out what the right job is for you. In any case, always be prepared, no matter what you do, the risk of being fired is always present.

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career advancement

You want to be able to be president or even president. Don’t get fired! It’s not a distant dream, players can achieve it. But you have to be persistent enough to get rid of the negatives before you can continue to strive. Being fired is something no one wants, but don’t get fired! Give you multiple job loss. Not a complaining leader, but if you don’t do well or get promoted too quickly, it’s easy for your boss to suspect you. Players will gain more social experience through elusive levels. There’s no rule about not getting fired! Depending on the situation, you need a different approach.

make dreams come true

Don’t get fired! Many wishes for your big dreams. A person with a position in society is something that everyone dreams of. The same starting line, the character has no work, no relationship. Start a job at a company, then face unemployment and look for new opportunities again. Once challenged, don’t get fired! You must not stop. It was a hostile environment with a high rejection rate and anyone could get fired. But if you demonstrate your ability to be different, there will be more exceptions than others.

mod apk is not fired

Don’t get fired! Let you experience the challenges of life. Being ready to start over again after being sacked is something not every player can do. The persistence of the players of this game is commendable. Download and don’t get fired! Mod You have to be brave and live your dream before your career happens.

Download and don’t get fired! MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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