Mimiirose A Freshly K-Pop Group Debuted Under YES IM Entertainment

The name mimiirose is a combination of rose and mi which means beauty in Chinese, and is intended to denote inner and outer beauty. Each member represents a petal that comes together to create a beautiful flower. Despite the saturation of the industry, more than 20 bands debut each year, only a few garner attention and only one or two have successful careers. Im Chang Jung, the CEO of the company and a famous actor and singer, has transferred the rights to 160 of his songs, as well as the land he invested in, to secure the successful debut of a girl group.

The rights to his most popular song, A Glass of Soju, were also sold to support the launch of mimiirose. This touching story has touched Kpop fans who are waiting for the group’s debut.

On September 1, concept photos for their single album Awesome were released on all mimiirose’s social networks, revealing the five members. Consider each of the five members of the group, mimiiros.

🎬 mimiirose first single album ROSE M/V (full version)https://t.co/QHULX2foXV#mimiirose #미미로즈#SUPER #Rose#HAPPY

— mimiirose (미미로즈) (@mimiirose_YESIM) September 26, 2022

Everything you need to know about mimiirose, the five-member K-pop girl group.

1) Choi Yeonjae

Yeonjae is the leader and main dancer. At the age of 21, she is the second oldest member of the group. The K-pop star is fluent in Korean and English.

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2) Hyo-ri .’s

Hyori, the oldest member of the group, is 22 years old this year. Although she is the oldest, she creates harmony in the group and delights everyone with her childish antics. She is also the lead singer of the group.

3) Han Ye Won

Yewon, the 19-year-old K-pop star, is the third member of the girl group. She is the tallest member of the group and has known her colleague Jia for over six years. Yewon is also the lead singer of the group.

4) By Yoon Ji

Jia, from Girls Planet 999, is the second youngest member of the group. He’s only 18 years old. When she appeared on Girls Planet 999, the K-pop star received a lot of recognition and praise for her abilities, and netizens eagerly awaited her debut as she eliminated in the eighth episode. Jia is the main rapper of the group and is fluent in Korean and English.


5) Yun Ju Seo

Yunju, the maknae of the group, is 16 years old this year. She is the only minor in the group. Yunju is the group’s singer and is recognized as a visual thanks to her beautiful appearance. When appearing on the survival show My Teenage Girl, the K-pop diva attracted a lot of attention. mimiirose, a female K-pop trio, debuted on Friday, September 16, 2022, with the single album Awesome. Rose, the title single from their album, was a modest success, garnering 790,000 views on YouTube in just two days.

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