Mind-bending optical illusion reveals if you’re optimistic or nostalgic – so which are you?

THERE ARE many different types of optical illusions, some more like puzzles that can change the way you see the world.

However, others can reveal hidden aspects of your personality, but it all depends on what you see.


The illusion shows a woman made of a vase of flowers Credit: TikTok, Octavio Ocampo

This optical illusion shows a woman craning her neck as she peers through a hole in the wall.

However, some people claim that they did not see the woman first, but saw a bouquet of lilies in a vase.

The illustration was shared on TikTok by Charles Meriot and it confused people.

The Illusion Wizard explained that the first thing you notice in an illustration can reveal very different things about your personality.

He said: “If you are the first to see flowers, it means that you are considerate and trusting.

“You are optimistic and you think with your heart,” he continued.

However, if you saw the lady first, it means something completely different.

Charles explained, “If you saw the lady first, it means you have a laid-back personality.

“You care a lot about your friends and family and you are very nostalgic, you like to look at old photos.”

Which one did you see first?

One viewer said: “I saw the lady first and it’s true!”

Another quipped: “So true!”

Charles shared the image on his TikTok.


Charles shared the image on his TikTokCredit: TikTok, Octavio Ocampo

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