Mind-bending optical illusion reveals if you’re the life of the party or totally intense – so which are you?

THERE ARE many different types of optical illusions, some can distort your perception of reality and others can reveal hidden aspects of your personality.

This clever illusion can reveal whether you’re a party person or a totally intense one, but it all depends on what you see first.


Did you see the books or the face first? Credit: TikTok/@charlesmeriot

The illusion was shared on TikTok by Charles Meriot and surprised viewers with how accurate it was.

The illustration shows a stack of dusty books, but if you look closely, the books also look exactly like an old man with a beard and a hat.

But which image did you notice first?

Charles explained, “If you saw books first, it means that you like to absorb information and have a lot of knowledge.

“But you have a very complicated personality,” he added.

However, if you saw the old man first, it means something completely different.

According to Charles, “If you were the first face, that means you’re the life of the party.

“You are very intuitive and often make decisions with your heart.”

Viewers were confused as to how exactly the illusion hit the personality, with one saying, “Books! And I’m a science teacher!”

One affiliate wrote: “Accuracy! I saw the face first.”

Charles shared the illusion on his TikTok account


Charles shared the illusion on his TikTok accountCredit: TikTok/@charlesmeriot

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