Mind-boggling optical illusion of a moving white dot baffles the internet – does it work for you?

EXPERTS have shared a mind-boggling optical illusion of a moving white dot, and it’s divided the internet.

Lenstore has shared an optical illusion that asks people to follow the dot around for 30 seconds – called the Troxler’s fading.


Lenstore shared an optical illusion called the Troxler’s fading – follow the white dot around for 30 secondsCredit: lenstore

If you follow the light grey spot around the circle for 30 seconds to one minute, you will notice that the other spots will eventually turn green.

But if you stare at the cross in the middle for the exact same time, the spots around the circle will disappear.

Named after Paul Troxler, the Swiss physician and philosopher found that the brain ignores visual scenes that don’t change.

He discovered in 1804 that if you focus your vision on a certain element, it can make other elements fade or disappear entirely.

The optical illusion affects your visual perception.

The image was posted on Reddit last year, leaving users shocked about their own vision.

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