My fiancé died on the day of our wedding – then I discovered his dark secret that left me feeling totally trapped

A WOMAN whose fiance died on the morning of their wedding was shocked to learn he was dating someone else at the same time.

Kaitlin Palmieri, 38, was left distraught when her husband-to-be Eric suffered a heart attack on their wedding day.


Kaitlin and Eric were together for two years Credit: KaitlinPalmieri/InstagramKaitlin discovered that Eric had been cheating on her


Kaitlin revealed that Eric had been cheating on her Credit: KaitlinPalmieri/Instagram

The couple have been together for two years after meeting on a dating app.

But years after Eric’s death, on his 37th birthday, Kaitlin discovered her partner had been cheating on her.

Speaking to the New York Post, she said: “I felt like I was trapped emotionally and I couldn’t escape.

“I had so much frustration and I had nowhere to put it. He went.

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“I desperately wanted someone to tell me it wasn’t true, but in my heart I knew it was and I wanted to burst.”

Kaitlin discovered the affair after coming across a tribute on Instagram to someone who had the same name and birthday as her late partner.

She reached out to the woman who made the post and revealed that they were both dating Eric at the same time.

An unnamed woman met Eric on a dating app in 2019 and shared screenshots of their flirty conversations with Kaitlin.

The messages were dated seven months before Eric proposed to Kaitlin.

Kaitlin said the messages were lewd and Eric sent sexual messages to another woman a week before their August 2020 wedding.

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I caught my man having an affair 8 months after our wedding…he had the nerve to say it was my fault for being ‘boring’

It’s not the first time Kaitlin has lost a partner.

In 2015, her previous boyfriend Mike was killed in a freak accident.

He passed out after slipping into the water while they were celebrating her 30th birthday and died six days later.

Kaitlin said that Eric has been very supportive in helping her come to terms with Mike’s death.

However, after years of grieving the loss of Eric, her feelings for him have now turned to anger.

Kaitlin now suffers from PTSD, anxiety and depression as a result of Eric’s infidelity.

With the support of her parents, she is looking for therapy to help her cope.

By opening up, Kaitlin hopes to help other women facing similar difficult situations.

She said: “Unfortunately, a lot of people go through this.

“You are allowed to be angry and hurt.

“Don’t feel like you have to automatically forgive someone because they died.”

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You are not alone

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  • Good Grief by Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn (£14.99, Murdoch Books): A guide for people who have suffered a sudden loss, like the authors who both lost their mums.
  • Grief Works: Download this for daily meditations and expert advice.
  • How to Grieve Like a Champion by Lianna Champ (£3.99, Red Door Press): a book to improve your relationship with death.
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