Narcos: 10 Of The Funniest “Bored Escobar” Memes

this drug lord The series is finally coming to an end with the release of its third season Narcos: Mexico, but the memes about the original series’ first protagonist will live on forever. Drug lord Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) was the focus of Colombia’s first two seasons and remains popular today.

Most Escobar memes show the character sitting or standing, looking bored. On the show, this happens when the DEA, search syndicates, and the military launch a massive manhunt for him, leaving him unable to run his business. As a result, his empire began to collapse. Fans then began using the photos to express moments of sadness or boredom.

Waiting for delivery can be annoying


Most retail companies provide customers with a time frame for when their package will arrive. However, that doesn’t make the waiting process any easier.

Desire is part of human nature, and most people find it hard to be patient even when they know there is plenty of time until the package arrives. When the package includes something highly anticipated, like one of the best PS5 games of 2021, the wait can be even more painful.

The choice of theme is important

Escobar meme shows how people can get bored in a place when niche topics are brought up

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People try to come up with various types of topics to keep the conversation going during social gatherings. Still, there are some topics that are too niche to sustain an interesting conversation.

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When it comes to topics like sports and pop culture, anyone who attends a party is bound to have someone willing to chat. But with horses, only a handful of people interact with them on a regular basis. Bringing up discussions about stables and hay is sure to prompt people to seek out other people to socialize with.

Regret career choice

Meme shows bored Escobar regretting his career choice


It’s easy to sympathize with Escobar as his empire begins to fall apart. But he soon realized he deserved it. After all, there are many legitimate career options available to him. If he were a plumber or a gardener, the situation would be very different.

Had Escobar made different career choices, he would indeed be an old man today. But in the show, he was portrayed as a very ambitious person from an early age. It’s unlikely he’ll accept a blue-collar job for the rest of his life. Still, this meme not only inspires laughter but also reminds us that choices have consequences.

Issues with leaked episodes


Episodes of popular TV series are occasionally leaked before airing. Rushing to watch these episodes may seem like a good idea, but it’s not.

Whenever fans watch a leaked episode early, they are forced to wait longer to watch the next episode. It’s best to ignore the leaks and watch the episodes when they actually air. A little patience goes a long way!

When you care a lot about image quality

A "Bored Escobar" meme refers to the lack of appreciation for HD meme creators

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Not every meme on the internet is of the highest quality.This can happen if the meme in question is a bit old or made by someone who isn’t proficient in photo editing

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Whether the meme is about the best TV show of all time or about everyday events, most meme lovers tend to care more about humor and information than image quality. The resolution usually doesn’t matter as long as the image is visible. For this reason, recreating a meme by improving image quality may not be appreciated by most fans.

When you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day

A "Bored Escobar" Memes showing how single people can get bored on Valentine's Day

source: Axiwang

Best friends usually hang out together most of the time. However, sometimes, some people need to be present for those closest to them, such as a significant other or partner, and Valentine’s Day is one such occasion.

Some of the best couples in television history have repeatedly emphasized the importance of love. However, not everyone is in a relationship, so when Valentine’s Day finds you without a partner, the holiday can be tough for some. Being single was fine, but for Escobar, being single meant sitting around all day.

when you work too much

Escobar meme shows how hard life is without hobbies


Working harder has its advantages because sometimes it means more money. Instead, it may lead to a lack of social life. Days off and holidays are a great time to relax, but it’s too bad if there’s nothing to do.

While it’s impossible to run out of fun things to do, it can be difficult to schedule a variety of activities that cover the entire free time when a person only does work.

After watching “Narcos”

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There are 60 episodes in total drug lord Watching them all so far might be a good way for TV show lovers to pass the time. But once the plot ends, life gets complicated.

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There are many other great TV shows about the drug trade worth watching, but drug lord Fans have probably eaten these too. Fans of this particular genre may struggle to find anything else that matches the story of gun-toting Colombians and Mexican drug cartels.

When your girlfriend doesn’t communicate promptly

Escobar meme demonstrates communication difficulties in relationships


Communication is key to maintaining relationships. For this reason, it’s normal for people to expect that their partners won’t go too long without contacting them.

In most cases, not being able to make calls or send text messages results in insecurity. People can’t help but wonder what their partners are up to. In other cases, it leads to worry and frantic behavior, and the assumption that something bad might be happening. However, there are usually no errors.

Eating lunch alone can be boring

Meme shows how boring it is to eat lunch alone at work


It can be great to work with the right people. For most people who work in an office, there’s always a coworker you can have lunch with. But when that co-worker gets sick, things get a little boring.

Lunch with your favorite coworkers means you have a few minutes to relax, come up with new ideas, or maybe chit-chat about office issues. But when they’re home sick, you just stand around and wait for someone to invite you out.

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