Why Baylan’s Lightsaber Form Is Similar To Anakin Skywalker’s – And How He’s Changed It

warn! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka Episode 5.


  • Beran Skor’s awe-inspiring lightsaber skills were ultimately no match for Ahsoka Tano’s fighting style.
  • Belan’s aggressive lightsaber form is similar to that of Anakin Skywalker’s Jem Thrall, hinting at a connection between the two characters.
  • Ahsoka’s inner conflict and negative memories of Anakin hindered her during her battle with Belan, but now that she’s resolved them, the outcome of their next battle may be different.

Ahsoka Episode 4 showed off more of Beran Skor’s lightsaber skills as he deftly defeated Ahsoka Tano and threw her into the Sea of ​​Sitos. While Beran did have trouble fighting Ahsoka, his powerful and powerful attacks were ultimately no match for her fighting style, especially considering how conflicted Ahsoka is.Belan’s comments about her history with Anakin likely triggered her vision Ahsoka Episode 5. Regardless, it’s clear that he has awesome training in the art of lightsaber combat.There are very few bad people in there Star Wars Battled Ahsoka and lived to tell the tale.

Baylan Skoll is the perfect villain for the show, and as if Ahsoka didn’t have a hard enough fight with him, she then fights Anakin Skywalker in The World Between Worlds. Both of her opponents were former Jedi Knights who preferred heavy, powerful strikes to Ahsoka’s light and agile slices. Ahsoka’s abilities allow her to slip past Belan and temporarily remove the Star Map, but this only fuels Belan’s aggression. Forced to the edge of the observatory, Ahsoka tried her best to use the Force on her lightsaber to fend off Belan’s powerful attack, but Sabine’s arrival ultimately distracted her, causing her to fail.

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Belan uses the same offensive lightsaber form as Anakin Skywalker

Although it has not been officially confirmed, Baylan Skoll appears to be using a modified version of Form V, also known as Djem So. Anakin Skywalker is believed to be an expert on Jem Thrall, which further hints at some kind of connection between Anakin and Belan. It’s possible that Anakin knew Belan from his days as a Jedi, and that Belan inherited some of Anakin’s style during the Clone Wars. It’s clear that Belan respected Anakin on some level, as he made a point of telling Ahsoka that everyone in the Jedi Order knew him.

It’s also possible that Darth Vader took Belan as a secret apprentice shortly after the Clone Wars, which would explain why Belan fights with attacks that are equally powerful as Vader’s. Djem So channels the aggression, which fits perfectly with Belan and Vader.exist Ahsoka In the first episode, Belan fights the rebels in a corridor scene, not unlike Vader’s massacre at the end of the first episode Rogue One. If anything, Belan’s style is more akin to Vader’s pounding than Anakin’s fluid style during the Clone Wars. However, despite their similar fighting styles, there is one clear difference between Belan’s style compared to Anakin’s.

Belan’s unique lightsaber means he is a modified V-type

Belan wields his lightsaber at Ahsoka.

The late Ray Stevenson influenced Belan’s lightsaber by changing the pommel of the original design.Beran Skor’s lightsaber ended up with one of the longest hilts in the world Star Wars Canon, which Stevenson uses to his advantage during combat. Due to the length and weight of his saber, Beran Scholl modified the V shape to accommodate more two-handed hitting. In fact, Belan almost never struck with one hand during his duel with Ahsoka. He fights like his saber is a two-handed broadsword, like a knight.

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Ahsoka recognized Belan’s fighting style almost immediately. Instead of using two swords in a duel, Ahsoka uses a lightsaber. Using two lightsabers would only allow her to fend off Belan’s attacks with the strength of one arm, meaning he would overpower her faster. Instead, Ahsoka wisely chooses to counter his single sword with her own. But even with just one blow, Ahsoka was still no match for Belan’s strength.

Belan’s lightsaber form makes him the perfect opponent for Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano versus Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka Episode 4

Another reason why Ahsoka lost to Belain was because of her inner conflict. Ahsoka must not only fight the warrior she became, but also the Anakin she remembers. The fact that Belan was using Type Five – the same style as Anakin – only reminded her of the bad experiences she had with her master. This, coupled with Belan’s comments to Anakin before the battle, ultimately resulted in Ahsoka paying the price in the duel. Even though Ahsoka is an excellent lightsaber fighter with an impressive kill count, she still needs to get her head in the right place to win the fight against Belan.

Now that Ahsoka has completed her inner journey in the World Between Worlds and faced the visions of Anakin Skywalker, she has overcome the inhibitions that held her back while fighting Belan. This means the fight might be different the next time Ahsoka and Belan face off. Since Ahsoka managed to defeat Anakin Skywalker in her vision, she will likely be able to defeat Belan now. Regardless, it remains to be seen whether Beran Skor and Ahsoka Tano will clash again in future episodes. Ahsoka.

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