New Poppy Playtime Video’s Hidden Details Cause Ch.3 Release Date Hype

Poppy play time Developer MOB Games has released a video celebrating the horror game’s one-year anniversary, which includes some hidden details that appear to hint at the upcoming horror game. Chapter 3. A Poppy’s Playtime Chapter 3 MOB released the trailer in August this year, just three months later chapter 2of release. Judging from the ambiguous trailer, players will explore different parts of the Playtime Co. Factory, and there may be a darker story than previous chapters.

It’s been a whole year Poppy play timeThe release was a huge success and fans are still waiting for more. Its colorful, almost family-friendly exterior belies a very dark, bizarre and twisted story, Poppy play time It has captured a large number of players.Although it was initially viewed as Five Nights at Freddy’s cloned by some people, and Poppy play timeHuggy Wuggy caused controversy among parents, and the indie game quickly became a colorful addition to the survival horror genre.

multiplayer gamePoppy play time The anniversary video sees the team thank players for a great year and crack some jokes, but it also offers some hidden hints Chapter 3.The thumbnail features Huggy Wuggy with a number next to his bloody hand, similar to Chapter 3‘s trailer. Then, following a message from MOB Games, a video glitched out, revealing three interesting details.It included an image spotted by a Twitter user nmb videos and games Looks like a music box and the Latin phrase translates to “not what you expected,” as well as the numbers “10” and “31.” Nmbvideoandgames says the music box may allude to a new opponent Chapter 3, Probably a jack in the box.

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 will be released in 2023

It has been determined that gas masks appear in Poppy’s Playtime Chapter 3, While the Jack in the Box doesn’t appear directly in the trailer, it could still be hidden. People assume “10” and “31” refer to October 31, but the phrase “not what you expected” is harder to decode. There could be a new trailer Chapter 3 Set to be released on Halloween, a release date may be announced.Having said that, this is Chapter 3 Will be released in full on Halloween.

Short trailer and theories based on what players have discovered Poppy play time suggestion Chapter 3 The event will take place in the Playcare section of Playtime Co., which houses children participating in Playtime’s adoption and experimentation programmes.Fans will have to wait until October 31st to find out what these hints really mean, but in the meantime they can contact officials Poppy play time Huggy Wuggy is the perfect Halloween costume for the occasion.

source: MOB Games/Twitter, nmbvideoandgames/Twitter

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