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Father knows best. Well, at least those in Hollywood who have been given the right things to say at the right time do. But these particular celluloid dads are the best, rising to the top of this Father’s Day list celebrating the best dad quotes from TV and movies. These words of wisdom from the most recognizable (fake) dads teach fathers of all ages how to be better parents. And let’s be honest, we teach kids how to be better adults. Some of the dads on this list are cool, while others just think they are, but all of them are worth listening to because they impart some wisdom. From legendary fathers like Atticus Finch and Mufasa to soon-to-be legendary like Kayla’s father in eighth grade, and let’s not forget father figures like Bright Friday night Coach Eric Taylor and The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirUncle Phil who was always there for anyone who needed them, all these guys are doing their best to pass on some wisdom to the youngsters. Some of them are funny, some are practical, and many of them will make your eyes roll. So grab your tissues and get ready to learn something about this crazy thing we call life.Want more? Get the best stories from Refinery29 Australia delivered to your inbox every week. Apply here! Start slideshow

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