Nezuko Becomes a Demon Slayer In Breathtaking New Fan Art

comic demon slayer Follow the adventures of those who have sworn to rid the world of the threat of demons as well as several storylines about the demons themselves, a work of fan art that imagines a man name is Nezuko like a demon slayer. Nezuko is a humanoid demon who happens to be the younger sister of the main character in the manga Tanjiro. In this new fanart, Nezuko completely sheds her demonic image and becomes a full-fledged demon slayer, just like her brother, who appears in this drawing.

Nezuko Kamado’s first manga is Chapter 1 of Hanaji Goto’s Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Nezuko was originally an ordinary person, the younger sister of Tanjiro, who was later turned into a yōkai by a demonic entity named Muzan Oni Futsuji. After becoming a youkai, instead of abandoning her, Tanjiro adapted to her state to keep herself and others safe as Nezuko released her yōkai form. To keep her from biting anyone to death with her demonic fangs, Nezuko often holds a bamboo stick in her mouth to block those deadly sharp teeth and desires to use them.

in tweets jez, the artist depicted Nezuko as his own demon slayer, while Tanjiro was drawn in a small bubble in the corner, playing the demon turned human with Nezuko’s bamboo in his mouth. This artwork is a beautiful depiction of Nezuko, who trades her aching eyes and mouth for magical hope and her slowly drawn sword to fight any enemy. What demonic threat is lurking.

Even though Nezuko turned into a demon, she didn’t completely go with the dark side. Despite being deeply affected by evil, Nezuko cares deeply for her family and has proven time and time again that when they are in trouble, she will do whatever it takes to help. help them.

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In fact, even with her demonic curse, Nezuko would make a great addition to the demon slaying army, as she displays incredible strength throughout the manga. The abilities Nezuko possesses include Awakening Form, a frenzied state that makes her look more like a demon and multiplies her powers, as well as regenerative abilities and super strength. In general, Nezuko is a powerful being, although the fact that she is a demon makes the members of the Demon Slayer Corps wary of her, so she is muzzled. However, demon slayerbelong to Nezuko In this beautiful piece of fan art, she flips the script and becomes a demon slayer herself.

source: jez

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