‘Nun II’ Director Wants to Work with Sisters Taissa and Vera Farmiga ‘for the Rest of My Career’ (Exclusive)

Sisters Taissa Farmiga and Vera Farmiga will always have a place reserved for them on Michael Chaves’ project.

Siblings of actresses have the main roles in Conjuring up franchise: director Chaves worked with Vera, 50, on 2021 The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and Taissom, 29, on the new spin-off sequel Nun II.

Chaves, 38, tells PEOPLE that “they’re both amazing” to work with and “so talented.”

“Basically, I just want to work with Farmigas for the rest of my career,” he says with a laugh. “They have a big family and I just want to see who else are actors and want to work with me on the film.”

They “bring a lot of heart” to their horror roles, he says; Vera as the real Lorraine Warren from the 2013 original and Taissa as Sister Irene from the 2018 original. nun movie.

Vera Farmiga ‘toughened up’ because of the films with ‘The Apples’: ‘I learned to banish’ fear

Director Michael Chaves works with actress Katelyn Rose Downey on the set of “The Nun II.”

Bruno Calvo

“They are great with their team,” says Chaves. “There are so many people involved in making a movie, and having actors who are generous with the crew is so priceless. Having actors who give credit to the crew and work with the crew and are fans of the crew and give — you get what you give.”

He continues: “That’s one thing I’ve seen with both Vera and Taissa: they love the team and give so much energy, and it comes back to them. It comes back to all of us, and that makes it a really great work environment.”

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The director of 'Nun II' on working with sisters Taissa and Vera Farmiga: 'They give so much energy

Director Michael Chaves and Taissa Farmiga on the set of “The Nun II”.

Bruno Calvo

In June 2021, Vera told PEOPLE that she had “hardened up” since part of Conjuring up movies. Her sister Taissa, however, is still timid about the horror genre, despite this Nun and her American Horror Story credentials.

“Taissa is terrified of scary movies,” says Chaves. “We had to twist her arm to see this movie. We were like, ‘Are you going to see it?’ And she’s so afraid of those movements and I’m like, ‘You’re in it! You were there in almost every frame of the movie.’ She saw the movie and she liked the movie, just to be clear.”

The director of 'Nun II' on working with sisters Taissa and Vera Farmiga: 'They give so much energy

Taissa Farmiga in “Abbess II”.

Bruno Calvo

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Chaves, who also directed in 2019 The Curse of La Lloronacalls Nun II “great sequel” to the blockbuster Conjuring up franchise, which already has multiple entries in the works.

“This is 10 years in the making and there’s a lot of story threads that come together in this, and there’s a lot of teases for fans of the film,” he says. “I’m really excited for them for the world to see.”

IN Nun II, Taissa’s sister Irene faces the demon Valak (played by Bonnie Aarons) again. According to the synopsis, the film is set in France in 1956 when “a priest is killed” and “evil is spreading”.

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Nun II is in theaters on Friday.

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