On My Block Season 4: Who Killed Oscar (& How It Changed The Show)

exist on my block Season 4, Episode 5, fan-favorite Oscar (Julio Macias) aka “The Phantom”, former leader of the Santos gang, is killed by an unknown assailant The attacker was shot dead – who exactly is responsible for Oscar’s death? Through a series of flashbacks in season 4, it can be seen that Oscar amicably left the Santos gang 2 years ago, and Cesar (Diego Tinoco) became the leader of the Santos gang, replacing Oscar. Since Oscar did not appear to have had any ongoing conflicts with local gangs at the time of his death, it is likely that he was killed because of his relationship with Cesar.

In On My Block season 1, Oscar was initially one of the Core Four’s major obstacles when he introduced Cesar to Santos. In seasons 2 and 3, Oscar helps Ruby overcome depression, comforts Monse after her mother’s suicide, and becomes good friends with the core quartet by trapping rival gangs to rob Freeridge Savings from being captured. Killed by Prophet$. Friend. In Season 4, Oscar has a new family and plans to move to Portland to pursue his dream job of opening a restaurant. When Oscar is shot outside his Fririch home, Oscar is so upset about leaving Cesar, he eventually convinces his brother to go with him to Portland. While the series has never revealed exactly who killed Oscar, there are hints in my block that Oscar was likely killed by a rival gang member or Cesar’s enemy.

Given the recent insecurity among local gangs, there are several possibilities regarding the identity of Oscar’s killer. News of the death of Santos boss Cucillos began to spread before Oscar was murdered, sending the gang hierarchy into chaos. After Sad Eyes told Joker that Cesar knew about Cuchillos’ death without telling Santos, Cesar’s territory was given to Joker and he was demoted in Santos. Cuete from the 19th Street Gang breaks the truce with Santos and steals the money Cesar has saved for Monse, Ruby and Jamal to replace RollerWorld’s lost money. According to Officer Hammel, the rival Prophet$ gang has also been “released from prison”. Since news of Cesar’s relegation to Santos is unknown, Prophet$ or a member of 19th Street could kill Oscar to challenge Cesar for the leadership of Santos.

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On My Block appears to have purposely not answered the identity of Oscar’s killer in order to focus more on the impact of his death. In episode 7, as Cesar searches for a place to put Oscar’s ashes, Cesar abandons his plan of revenge and instead finds a way to honor his brother’s legacy. Although Cesar initially wanted revenge on Oscar’s killer, in a discussion with Ricky Galindo he noted that revenge would hurt Cesar more than Oscar’s killer, which prompted him to reconsider. Cesar confronts Santos and officially leaves the gang after he realizes that Oscar needs their protection most when they won’t help him. César also decided to leave Friedrich to pursue his dream of becoming an architect and creating an Oscar-worthy life for himself. Thus, Oscar’s death changed Cesar’s future and the trajectory of the series, allowing Cesar to leave Fririch and break the cycle of subjugating the Diaz family’s life to that of Santos.

In On My Block, viewers probably won’t see the identities of the Oscar killers because their identities don’t matter. Before Oscar passed away, Core Four member Cesar said: “Who did this to you? tell me!Oscar smiled at his brother and shook his head. By hiding the shooter’s identity, Oscar ensures that Cesar won’t be tempted by revenge that could jeopardize the bright future he wants Cesar to have and bring him back to the gang. Santos…by keeping the audience in the dark with Cesar, it shows that the identity of the curator is unrelated to the plot, as the future of Cesar and the rest of the core quartet is unrelated to the plot. politics of Santos and is located between the outer Friedrich.

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