One Piece Becomes a Retro Videogame in Epic New Manga Trailer

To celebrate the release of the manga’s 105th volume, female An amazing new trailer has been released that transforms the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates into a nostalgic pixel game.

Episode 105 female Released in March 2023, includes chapters 1056 – 1065 of Eiichiro Oda’s best-selling manga. Attach Official One Piece Twitter account Shared animated trailer to YouTube, realized with pixel animation. Inspired by classic video games, the trailer recounts Luffy’s adventures since leaving Foosha Village, first traveling in the South China Sea and then collecting the Straw Hat Pirates on the Grand Line. Each location Luffy stops at has a pixel screen, ending with the Straw Hat’s current stop at Egghead Island.

Luffy’s Adventures Look Better In Retro Pixelated Art

Chapters in Episode 105 show that Luffy and his friends finally left Wano after the long and bloody battle that led to Kaido’s defeat. Usually, when the Straw Hats move from one location to another, femaleThe stories closely follow world events and Episode 105 is no exception. New Yonko are announced, including Luffy (who also appears on the cover), Bucky’s Cross Guild, Crocodile and Mihawk, the birth of the Seraphim, the return of Blackbeard, etc. Until the end of the Straw Hats also reached Dr. Vegapunk’s laboratory on Egghead Island.

The trailer is in fact a “Straw Hat Pirates recording” produced by Punk Records (the area in the Vegapunk lab that hosts the giant brains of scientists and acts as a supercomputers and cloud systems). The music is steeped in that vintage feel, reminiscent of the jazz tracks used in the hit anime cowboy bebop. Watch Luffy’s adventures unfold in a frenzy in this video that gives the feel of an epic time femaleThat’s true of the story, but the video also offers fans a glimpse of fascinating information, such as a description of Luffy’s powers in gears 4 and 5, or a review of Three legendary ancient weapons.

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The trailer really needs to be seen to be appreciated, and it’s one of the best commercials ever made by the One Piece franchise. It’s not easy to hype episode 105 female More importantly, considering the content – including revealing the legacy of the Zoro family – that’s enough, but this great trailer does just that, establishing Luffy and the Straw Hats for decades. His epic story has turned into a vibrant pixel journey, mixing nostalgia and excitement for the series’ future developments.

Trailer available through One Piece official channels Twitter and YouTube.

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