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During 2017-2019, the battle royale genre dominated the video game industry. Since the release of the legendary PUBG. Many games have relied on its popularity to create equally innovative arenas. Not to mention Fortnite, a game that has been released on many different platforms. So far, it has entered the mobile phone market. The reason it developed like that is not because it inherited the success of PUBG before it. This is because the gameplay itself is slightly different from other games. I will explain this to you as soon as possible.

Still an arena with 100 different players. Still the flight to the familiar island. But now things look more colorful and there are new mechanics different from PUBG. Fortnite has attracted a large number of players during its existence. All this is based on one principle, modern technology. Fortnite has more technology than its predecessor. That makes for interesting battles.

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Players who have played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can easily adapt to the gameplay of Fortnite. You will still join the 100 person room. Once started, can fly together. Fly to the game’s iconic island. Each person will choose a time to parachute and land at a different location. Except for the group members, they will always follow each other closely. Then you and everyone else will spread out. Pickaxe in hand, let’s start the work of equipping yourself with advanced weapons. Be the only survivor on this island.

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What makes this game completely different from PUBG is the pickaxe in each player’s hand. You will use it to destroy the houses on the island. Collect wood resources that you need to use in the future, and pick up all the guns and magazines. These are the auxiliary props you need most in your battle. Use collected wood to match the design. Build walls the way you like and create a variety of structures to suit the purpose and strategy you want to play.

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Tons of weapons and special items

There are countless different weapons and items scattered across the island. Their design is a bit futuristic for guns. But still have the familiar functions of rifles, pistols, shotguns… Fortnite will also add healing items, armor and make you stronger after fighting opponents. The guns will also have different levels and powers depending on the background color, from white on the lowest level to orange on the highest level. Usually, you will pick up purple and orange weapons at the end of the game when the circle shrinks to very small.

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Use your own tactics

I want to talk more about the wood resource in the game, because it plays a very important role for any marksman. As you know, you have to use pickaxe to destroy buildings to collect wood. Then use the drawings to create walls with drawings of various shapes. You can build your own tunnel. But most of the wood will be used to shield enemy bullets. Build simple buildings for tactical attraction. Help your opponent not to recognize your position. Wood is really versatile, you can use it for anything.

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Fight with many interesting skins

Characters in Fortnite will have 2 basic looks: male and female. You can order a new look if you want. Show your personality in races like no other. Fly around in superhero costumes. Of course, it won’t have the same capabilities as in the movie. Grab your gun and take down famous X-Men characters. The price of each piece of clothing is not too high for you to own. Don’t worry, feel free to dress up now.

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Feelings and enthusiastic responses from gamers. until released on various platforms. Fortnite has proven that the game itself is a worthy product for Epic Games. At the same time bring people many new beautiful trends. In particular, it also attracts a lot of famous YouTubers and anchors to play and give very positive comments. So why haven’t you tried the Fortnite mod yet?

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