Shrek: 9 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Donkey As a Character

Although debuted 21 years ago, Shrek Even today, it remains an important part of popular culture, with many fans eagerly awaiting the rumored fifth installment in the series.

What makes the first film so memorable – along with its lovable message, soundtrack, and meme-rich content – is the unique and lovable characters, especially Shrek’s trusted best friend and best friend. , Donkey. in Shrek, Donkey for the most part Shrek As these memes prove, this day is relatable and well-liked.

the most suitable role

Although Shrek initially finds Donkey annoying and stubborn, there are actually many traits in his personality that make him the most believable character, not only in Shrekbut in most fictional characters.

Donkey’s quirky demeanor reflects the best and most open-minded part of the on-screen audience, and this connection to the character easily makes him a fan favorite as he encapsulates the meaning. of not flinching.

Shrek a donkey, a dragon steed

the donkey is seen by many people ShrekThe main character in The Piece is the obnoxiously talkative and upbeat character of the group, with many even saying so throughout the series.

However, Donkey has many great and worthwhile qualities, he is more than the talking donkey that people think, especially Dragon, who considers him to be a really kind, non-judgmental donkey. and beautiful. To her, Donkey was the most handsome man in the world, and that was because of his adorable charm.

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shrek real hero

Although Shrek had a donkey in hand throughout the team, the truth is that he is nowhere without a donkey. Literally Shrek could have disappeared, possibly killed by Farquaad’s men, Fiona would be sent back to the Tower, and then the movie wouldn’t become an instant 2000s classic.

Donkey’s rambling and impulsive decisions keep the group out of many difficult scenes throughout the film. But it was his relationship with the dragon that ultimately saved Shrek and Fiona, and led to the rest of the series.

No. 1 Shrek Fan

This meme is not only a testament to Shrek’s continued involvement and love, one of the best animated fantasy movies, but it also helps make Donkey an equal fan of Shrek and all fans. movie grave.

With his refusal to give up on Shrek, his constant attempts to break down Shrek’s walls, and the fact that he is Shrek’s biggest believer and supporter, Donkey is undoubtedly Shrek’s biggest fan, and has accidentally become part of the Shrek era that seems to never change. stop a large part.


Part of Donkey’s appeal is his sheer optimism, zest for life, and the way he can honestly feel his emotions without regard for the opinions of others. . The characters may find this annoying, but the audience will definitely find it endearing.

His excitability is hilariously portrayed in this Reddit meme that, in addition to a subtle poke at the geologist, also accurately depicts the donkey’s bubbly, sparkling personality, this creates Shrek’s outward skepticism. Provides the perfect balance.

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Shrek’s best friend

Although Shrek often complains about the donkey and rolls his eyes at anything the animal can talk about, he still loves it and considers it his best friend. After all, Donkey was the first to try and actively befriend Shrek, despite his rough looks and appearance.

His ability to get close to Shrek, and in turn the elves reciprocate his affections, speaks volumes about Donkey’s personality and kind heart, traits that make him such a great person. Shrek A role can be derived.

dragon lover

Dragon and donkey continue to form one of the most important relationships Shrekespecially when they are revealed as parents at the end Shrek 2.

Donkey’s relationship with Dragon takes up a large portion of his time in the series, defining a part of who he is and showing him that he is a kind and gentle being who not only sees her tough edges in Dragon. Unlike most characters who have a very different relationship with dragons, Donkey is a dragon lover.

our swamp

One hallmark of Donkey’s character is that he refuses to reject and accept Shrek’s social cues about boundaries, especially in the early stages of their friendship, and many times fans feel the same way. feel bad for Shrek.

He finds himself in Shrek’s swamp for most of the first film, determined to be Shrek’s swamp friend despite the former’s insistence that he be left alone. Although this eventually worked out, it shows how persistent and overbearing the beloved donkey can be.

Donkey and Shrek Monk

Despite being Shrek’s loyal partner, Donkey possesses many qualities that make him a perfect protagonist, comparable to the mischievous and intelligent Alvin in Shrek. Alvin and Chipmunks.

Not only is Donkey flamboyant and charismatic to lead his own horde of creatures, but like Alvin, he’s also a wise leader with a great sense of humour. Not to mention his great vocal talent adds to his lovable personality.

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