One-Punch Man’s Tatsumaki Finally Relaxes in Perfect New Cosplay

In the world of One-Punch Man, few heroes are as memorable as Tatsumaki and a new cosplay perfectly captures her character in a rare moment of relaxation.

Created by ONE with art by Yusuke Murata, One-Punch Man is a superhero satire that follows a lazy hero who can beat any opponent with just one punch. Among the series’s wide and varied characters is the 2nd ranked hero, Tatsumaki also known as Terrible Tornado. Despite her wind-based alias and green hair, her tremendous powers are actually psychic in nature. Unfortunately, Tatsumaki’s strength and acclaim inevitably cast a long shadow for her younger sister Fubuki, also known as Blizzard. One of the most obvious traits about Tatsumaki is her height. Though Tatsumaki herself rarely appears self-conscious, other characters commonly mistake her for a child when she’s actually 28. All these factors combine to make it difficult to imagine Tatsumaki ever taking time off.

Now, cosplay artist Owlit has posted a picture on Instagram of Tastumaki finally taking a moment for herself. Owlit’s wig, make-up, and dress are all accurate to a ridiculous level, perfectly replicating Tatsumaki’s signature look. The subtle green glow placed around Owlit is also a nice touch. Particular praise needs to go to the wig as its color and styling are an exact match for Tatsumaki’s deceptively difficult-to-match hairstyle. What really elevates this cosplay though is just how well Owlit portrays Tatasumaki’s personality. The aloof indifference, the casual use of psychic powers, the posture, all of it screams Tatsumaki in a way that is rarely seen. Fans clearly agree as the cosplay was only posted a week ago and has already amassed more than 25,000 likes on Instagram.

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While Tatsumaki’s unique style might be easier to replicate for cosplay, what’s more difficult is capturing the character’s essence. Yes, a character’s look is obviously important, but that’s only one facet of what makes up a character. Things like personality and attitude can often be the most difficult aspect of a character to recreate in cosplay. More than just added details though, these things can make an already excellent cosplay truly stand out among the crowd. Further adding to this cosplay’s strength is that it is an actual complete scene and one that fans would be unlikely to see within the confines of One-Punch Man itself.

Tatsumaki is a fan-favorite character in One-Punch Man for good reason. She might be proud and can act above-it-all, but her ridiculous powerset more than justifies that attitude, not to mention the genuine good she’s done as the rank 2 hero. All of that, in concert with her iconic design, are what make her such a compelling character. One-Punch Man’s characters are core to its appeal, so it’s fun getting to see this Tatsumaki cosplay so perfectly nail her essence.

Source: Owlit

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