Only 15% of people can find the hidden item in less than 30 seconds – so can you?

IF you’ve ever been to a casino, you know how busy and overwhelming it can be.

From the contents of your wallet to your favorite pair of sunglasses, the casino is the last place you want to lose anything.


Only 15% of people can find the hidden sunglasses in this image in less than 30 seconds Credit: Mr Gamble

Mr Gamble has released a series of puzzles inspired by casinos that will make you rack your brains to solve them.

In this brain teaser, Mr. Gamble challenges you to find a pair of sunglasses hidden among the chaos.

While you may be used to losing money at the casino, losing your personal belongings can be almost embarrassing.

We know it can be hard enough to find your friend in the casino, let alone your missing sunglasses.

According to Mr. Gamble, only 15% of people can find hidden specs in less than 30 seconds.

Quickly explore poke tiles and playing cards and you might have a chance to hit the highest percentage.

If you’re still having a hard time finding the sunglasses, we can find them towards the center of the image.

If that clue isn’t enough, go to tile F7 and you can’t miss them.

A small pair of sunglasses fits the look perfectly, along with the symbols of clubs and spades.

If you’re looking for another brain teaser, Mr. Gamble also challenged readers to find 10 differences between these slot machines.

Are you still looking for a challenge? Try to find the strange rabbit in this picture.

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