Only eagle-eyed people can spot the difference between these Beauty and the Beast images in 5 seconds

ONLY keen-eyed observers can tell the difference in these two images from the beloved Disney film.

The images look identical, but there’s one big difference in the Beauty and the Beast image: can you spot it in just five seconds?


Can you tell the difference in the two photos? Credit: Buzzfeed

The difference is small, and viewers on the Internet struggle to find the smallest change.

Optical illusions help stimulate cognitive function, keeping the mind sharp and active and fostering creativity.

Are you ready to watch? 3, 2, 1… let’s go!

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Time is up! Can you spot the difference in the photos? If not, we’ve rounded it up below.

One of the sheep surrounding Bella appears to be awake in the first capture, but closes its eyes in the second.

Did you catch it?

The sheep is wide awake in the second photo.


The sheep is wide awake in the second photo Credit: Buzzfeed

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