Only people with hawk eyes can spot a frog in the leaves within 8 seconds!

Optical illusions are visual phenomena in which our brain perceives something different from reality. They can trick us into thinking things don’t really exist, or trick our eyes into seeing things that aren’t there. In ancient times, people called these optical illusions witchcraft, demons or evil spirits. Later, scientists discovered that our brain plays with us, and everything happens because of different perceptions.

Optical illusion images are often created using simple shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, etc. These shapes are then stacked in different ways to create the illusion. The goal is to see what is not really there or is hiding in plain sight. Are you ready for a difficult challenge that will delight you? Let’s start.

You have amazing eyes if you can spot a dog hidden in the trees within 7 seconds.

Optical Illusion: Spot a frog in 8 seconds

Source: The Sun

A frog is hidden in this optical illusion. Can you find it?


incredibly! But before you scroll any further, we will tell you that this is a challenge. You have to find the frog hidden in the trees in just 8 seconds. If you can find the hidden animal in less than the allotted time, then that’s even more amazing.

So are you ready?

Prepare yourself.

You have a lot of attention if you can find a hat in the bathroom in 6 seconds.

The challenge is about to begin. And your time starts now. All the best!

We’ve revealed the solution to this hidden animal optical illusion at the end of this article, but be sure to scroll down only after trying to solve the problem yourself first.

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Optical illusion solution

If you look closely, you will notice the silhouette of a hidden frog.


We hope you had fun solving this optical illusion with us. You can also try:

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