Only people with the IQ of Sherlock Holmes can find a flower hidden among tangerines. 27 seconds left!

IQ test puzzle: Sunday full of work and no fun is actually Monday. So, break the chain with this amazing and interesting brain teaser. Brain teasers are a type of mental exercise that challenges our reasoning skills, visual acuity, and other abilities that further enhance our problem-solving abilities.

Unlike the image above, you need to use your observation skills and cognitive abilities to find the fuel tank that will fill up first. This bright summer fruit illustration was taken from

How fast can you find all the animals hidden in the picture?

Puzzle with the answer: Spot the flower hidden among the tangerines

Puzzles encourage creativity and spontaneity in a person, which additionally contributes to greater adaptation and ingenuity in real situations resulting from this mental flexibility. This visual puzzle requires strong eyesight and close attention to even the smallest details to solve. You will often be given the ability to focus more carefully on details, which is essential for professions that require accuracy and precision.


This visual puzzle will assess and test your different skill sets which further improves your memory function and solidifies your understanding of different ideas.

Only 0.1% of Geniuses will correctly guess which fuel tank will fill up first. Are you one of them?

Find the answer to the puzzle here:

You have to break down challenging puzzles into smaller, simpler parts to analyze each component separately in Brain Teasers. It will help develop your analytical skills, enabling you to deal more skillfully with challenging situations.

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I forgot to mention that there are only 19 seconds left…Tick


Mark it

Can you solve this impossible puzzle by finding the alligator in 33 seconds? Try your skills

Enough of tension and soft background music, let’s jump to the answer.

These puzzles can be a fantastic way to engage people while encouraging interpersonal and collaborative relationships. Working together to solve a puzzle can be a great way to relax, keep your mind sharp, and improve your ability to collaborate and communicate.

You need a supernatural power to find an alien hidden among humans in 11 seconds. Try your luck!

Still need help? Look at the picture below to be sure of the answer.

the flower among the tangerines is here?Source:

Oh yeah! It’s really not the rotten side of a tangerine but an orange rose bud.

Brain teasers are excellent mental exercises that can help develop several cognitive and problem-solving skills that are useful in both professional and private settings. These engaging visual puzzles increase your skills and caliber with each practice, according to numerous studies.

The rabbit family is in danger! Find the deadly snake and all the other hidden objects. Test your skills!

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