Patty Raynes Net Worth: How Rich Was She? Wiki And Age

Patty Raynes was a famous and beloved American socialite. People are curious about Patty Raynes net worth after her untimely death. On April 27, 2023, Manhattan socialite Patty Raynes’ maid found her dead in her mansion in Wellington, Florida. Although officials have not released a cause of death and Patty Raynes’ obituary has not been released, her family believes she died of complications from asthma. She was 70 years old when she died. According to a spokeswoman, Raynes, an accomplished equestrian, was rushed to the hospital last week because she was having trouble breathing due to severe asthma.

Other sources told us she’ll be there for lunch with friends in Palm Beach on Thursday and is heading to New York this weekend after spending the winter in the Florida community riding horses. Raynes, the eldest child of the late oil mogul Marvin Davis, was one of the role models of the Carrington family in Aaron Spelling’s long-running drama “Dynasty.” Friends described Raynes as “a sweet person with a heart of gold.” Despite her family’s wealth, she was extremely modest.

Patty Raynes Net Worth 2024

Patty Raynes was a famous American socialite whose death surprised many people around the world. Her death was deeply mourned by the New York world scene, and she is remembered as an elegant and dedicated lady who reflected the ethos of the era. Many individuals have searched for Patty Raynes net worth after her death. Although Patty’s actual net worth has not been disclosed, we can assume that she has earned quite a bit of money considering her high standard of living and comfortable lifestyle.

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It’s worth mentioning that in the realm of high society, being a socialite is often considered a “career” in itself. However, it is questionable whether Raynes made money only because of her social position. Furthermore, because Patty Raynes was born into a wealthy family, many people assume that she should not have worked. Many people think she received money from her father Marvin Davis after his death.

Instead, Patty filed a 169-page lawsuit against her father, alleging that he robbed her of her trust and forged her signature on trust documents to keep control of the money until she turned 21. Marvin allegedly pressured her to agree to these changes through the legal system, and when she refused, he allegedly beat her. Her estimate that her trust was worth about $220 million in 1995 was not met.

A few months after her father’s death, Patty reported meeting with the family’s financial expert who made the following startling claim: The Davis family fortune, estimated by FORBES at $5.8 billion in 2004, had all but evaporated. Patty Raynes’ confidence was so low that she had to stop receiving her $125,000 a month. They did it quickly.

Patty Raynes Wikipedia And Age: When Was She Born?

People search for Patty Raynes net worth as well as her Wikipedia profile and age. Patty Raynes does not appear to have a Wikipedia article; however, various other sites have covered her little information. Patty Raynes, a Hamptons socialite, was widely known for her involvement in Long Island horse racing, charity events and her relationship with Ricky and Kathy Hilton. Martin J. Raynes, a New York real estate developer, was her happily married husband. As for age, Patty was 70 years old at the time of her death. Her mother, Barbara Davis, expressed through a spokesperson how saddened the Davis family is by the tragic death of Patty Davis Raynes.

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Patty Raynes

“It is with a broken heart that I announce that my daughter passed away early today from an asthma-related infection,” she said. Patty’s absence has left a vacuum in our hearts.” She went on to say, “We appreciate your prayers, well wishes and consideration for our right to privacy during this terrible time.”

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