Pokémon Characters Who’d Make Better Protagonists Than Ash Ketchum

PokemonThe most well-known protagonist so far is Ash Ketchum, but there are characters in the game who would make better protagonists. Although his goal of becoming a Pokémon Master is now complete, Ash Ketchum will retire from starring in the show next season. The anime’s new protagonist has an unknown background, but is not from the game. It is also possible that the new series will start in the Paldea region in Generation 9.

inside Pokemon In games, the protagonist is more like a shell for the player to fill, and recent games have become more customizable. Even before this, there were very few characters like Red or Gold, and what they did get were usually when they weren’t the player’s avatar.However, some PokemonThe supporting characters – especially in the past five generations – bring great characterization that can make them engaging for the protagonists. This new style will make the series’ story less personal, but if done right, it might be worth it.

Pokémon’s favorite champion Cynthia will be a great successor to Ash Ketchum

Cynthia is one of the most popular characters Pokemon. Very little is known about her backstory, which provides the perfect backdrop for the plot. Her adventures in Sinnoh will be a fun experience after receiving Pokémon from Professor Rowan, and her love of history and mythology could also be the perfect backdrop for discovering the region’s lore before the events unfold. Pokemon diamonds and pearls. This would also give the Sinnoh region a well-deserved development phase that could help bridge some of the time down the road. Pokémon Legends: Arceusthe emerald region.

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In new Pokémon game, N’s story can be seen through players’ eyes

N's artwork from Pokemon Black and White

N is one of the most interesting characters in the series, so creating a story centered around him was an equally exciting choice.As stated in Pokemon black and white, N was abandoned as a child and raised by wild Pokémon until Gazis brought him to Team Plasma. However, N is a kind-hearted man, which makes his side compelling until the twist. After being defeated by the player, Geses revealed that he had been using N to befriend the legendary dragon and use its power to rule the Pokémon world. Once Team Plasma was defeated for the first time, N became the one who tried to maintain harmony between Pokémon and humans.

a story focused on Pokemon black and white‘s N can be played in one of two ways, the first being by following his adventures in the fifth generation games. This would be an interesting approach as it would allow players to see different aspects of the same game. The experience of losing a battle, as N would have lost to the regular game’s protagonist, and continuing on is also new to the series. The second idea is to play N while Team Plasma trains him.Both opportunities allow players to play as the “bad guys” and experience Pokemon An unprecedented adventure.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s best boy Alvin would make a great protagonist

In Pokémon Crimson and Violet, Alvin holds a Poké Ball.

While any of “The 9th’s” three main supporting characters could make for compelling leads, Arvin is the most worthy to work with. Arven grew up with his parents missing and only his horse, Mabosstiff, to care for him.Throughout the game, he will seek the player’s help in collecting Pokemon scarlet and violetHe possesses the secret herb of imbalance so he can heal those closest to him in his family. Once Mabosteve recovers, it is revealed to Alvin after the game that his parents, who were supposed to be reunited, have actually been dead for some time.not much Pokemon The characters have been through everything Arvin has been through, which makes his story interesting.

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For a story centered on Alvin, the best scene would be to tell his adventures in the following way: scarlet and purple. Alvin has a lot of off-screen ground to cover, and his story can even begin before regular play. His story primarily focuses on his struggle to save Mabostiff, but also explores his character after rescuing Mabostiff. Pokemon scarlet and violet‘s big story reveals the death of his parents. It would also be interesting if the protagonist actively fought and lost the battle, but was unable to try again.

Pokémon can follow Sword and Shield’s Leon and his rise to power

Pokémon Champion Leon and his Charizard

Generation 8’s Leon is the second most famous Pokémon Champion, and he’s a compelling character in his own right. After gaining recognition at the age of 10, he remained undefeated and became the champion of Galar. Throughout the game, he is the player’s ultimate target, but is also part of the strange activity around Galar. After the story ends, Leon takes over as the chairman of the Galar Alliance, hoping to make the Galar region one of the strongest.

The story surrounding Leon can be similar to N’s story, or follow Leon through the events of scarlet and purple Or when he becomes arguably the best champion Pokemon. Option one, however, would place a greater focus on the region as a whole and the pace to avoid losing power in the future. Option two is similar to the regular game in that the player never truly fails and can gain a deeper understanding of how Galar became what it is. Both options do give us a chance to see more of Leon and explore his character more.

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Pokémon Gold and Silver’s Silver Might Be a Great Replacement for Ash

Pokemon Silver Generation

For the protagonist, the second-generation opponent Silver, the son of Giovanni the Rocket, will be an exciting choice. When he was last seen, Silver showed more care for his Pokémon, but was still unable to defeat the player.The best option is to continue his story after Pokémon Gold and SilverIt’s after the game or a little before. This shows his growth as a character, whether it’s accepting his life or becoming more sociable. Silver becoming a protagonist also provides the opportunity for Giovanni to return to the series as Silver’s main antagonist.

emotional impact PokemonThe past few games have had more stories, but the protagonists have become less creative. It would be a departure for the franchise for any of these five to be the protagonists of the game, but it could also be a nice reprieve from the norm.Anyway, these five people Pokemon The character will be a more compelling protagonist than Ash Ketchum.

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