Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Wurmple Evolution Guide

return Legendary Pokémon: Arceus Let the trainer find and capture.reappear Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Wurmple used to be the Generic Bug-type Pokémon of that generation. What makes Wurmple unique is that it can evolve into two different Pokémon, all depending on Wurmple’s personality. Unfortunately, this value is completely hidden from the player, so there is no way to determine what form Wurmple will take. This is completely random, but it will always happen when Baby Worm reaches level 7.

Wurmple transforms into Cascoon or Silcoon. If it evolves into Cascoon, it will turn into Dustox at level 10. As for Silcoon, it evolves into Beautifly at level 10. So it’s important to collect them all. Legendary Pokémon Arceus illustrated book. Completing this quest rewards the player with a Shiny Charm, an important item that increases their chances of encountering a Shiny Pokémon.

Although, baby worms originating from the emerald region have different evolutionary methods. In Emerald, Wurmple evolves based on the time of day. If the trainer evolves it during the day, it becomes Silcoon and if it evolves at night, it becomes Cascoon. Legendary Pokémon: Arceus Its method of handling evolution is quite different from other games. Normally, Pokémon will evolve automatically after reaching the corresponding level.exist Legendary Pokémon: ArceusPlayers will need to go into their menu and evolve Wurmple manually.

Changing Time in Pokémon Saga: Arceus

Luckily, the game makes it easy to change the time of day. It will naturally pass as the player explores one of the many wilderness locations in the Emerald Region. Even so, players can visit one of the camps nearby, where they can rest and heal their Pokémon. There is an option to change the time of day during the break. Choose day or night and evolve Wurmple to get the right shape.

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Wurmple will spawn in the wilds of the Obsidian Fieldlands. It’s a fairly low level Pokémon so it’s easier to catch. However, it is very important to catch as many Wurmples as possible, as its evolution is completely random. Having more Wurmples will make it easier to get both evolutions. Obsidian Fieldlands is the first open area where trainers can find Wurmple and other Pokémon, Apricorns and Tumblestones. Legendary Pokémon: Arceus. While Dustox and Beautifly are not the best Pokémon on the team, they are necessary to complete the Pokédex.

Legendary Pokémon: Arceus Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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