Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee & Pikachu: Master Trainer Locations Guide

Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! players can now take on 153 Master Trainers, and here’s a guide to their locations.

Wanting to the be the very best like no one ever was, Pokémon players are taking on the almighty challenge of Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! for the Nintendo Switch. Even after players have completed their Pokédex and trounced the Elite Four, there’s still plenty to do in Kanto.

New to Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! are Master Trainers — experts in their species who only carry a single Pokémon. Spotted by the speech bubble above their head, players are tasked with taking on Master Trainers using a matching Pokémon and without the use of any items.

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Trainers have to put the selected Pokémon in their first slot to engage in battle and strip the Master Trainer of their title. For example, to become the Abra Master Trainer, players have to find the current Master Trainer by Viridian City and have their own Abra in prime position. From Bulbasaur through to Melmetal, here’s where intrepid gamers can find all 153 Master Trainers.

Raichu Pokemon Let's Go

  • Bulbasaur: Master Trainer Rena – Route 4 between Mt. Moon and Cerulean City
  • Ivysaur: Master Trainer Katrina – Route 14 east of Fuchsia City and by the water
  • Venusaur: Master Trainer Sal – Route 23 by the exit of Victory Road
  • Charmander: Master Trainer Tim – Celadon City on the top floor of Celadon Condominiums (use the staircase at the back)
  • Charmeleon: Master Trainer Christopher – Route 10 at the exit of the Rock Tunnel
  • Charizard: Master Trainer Edmund – Route 23 by Indigo Plateau
  • Squirtle: Master Trainer Suzy – Route 12 at the docks South of Lavender Town
  • Wartortle: Master Trainer Prita – Route 20 near the stone blockade east of Cinnabar Island
  • Blastoise: Master Trainer Tessa – Route 20 splashing in the water southeast of the Seafoam Islands entrance
  • Caterpie: Master Trainer Jake – Route 18 to the west of Fuchsia City
  • Metapod: Master Trainer Bryson – Route 11 by the passageway between Route 12
  • Butterfree: Master Trainer Bobby – Route 2 in the building that connects to Viridian Forest.
  • Weedle: Master Trainer Scott– Viridian Forest on the left when entering from Route 2
  • Kakuna: Master Trainer Kenny– Route 13 on the far east side (behind a tree that requires Chop Down)
  • Beedrill: Master Trainer Terry – Route 8  in a patch of grass between Lavender Town and Saffron City (behind a tree that requires Chop Down)
  • Pidgey: Master Trainer Louey – Route 2 to the north of Viridian City
  • Pidgeotto: Master Trainer Howie – Route 16 near a fence to the west of Celadon City
  • Pidgeot: Master Trainer Wyatt – Route 12 in the upstairs of the Guard Station that’s south of Lavender Town
  • Rattata: Master Trainer Bret – Route 10 behind the Pokémon Center and near the Rock Tunnel entrance
  • Raticate: Master Trainer Denis – Cerulean City inside the house that has a hole in its wall
  • Spearow: Master Trainer Ralph – Pewter City southeast of the Pokémon Center and in the middle of the town
  • Fearow: Master Trainer Theo – Route 18 in the tall grass west of Fuchsia City
  • Ekans: Master Trainer Herbert – Route 4 in the grass between Mt. Moon and Cerulean City
  • Arbok: Master Trainer Adam – Rocket Hideout above the first floor with moving floor tiles
  • Pikachu: Master Trainer Ikue – Viridian Forest by the exit to Pewter City
  • Raichu: Master Trainer Charlotte – Pokémon Tower underneath the top floor and mourning by a grave
  • Sandshrew: Master Trainer Paul – Route 11 to the right of Diglett’s Cave
  • Sandslash: Master Trainer Benjamin – Route 7 in the building that connects Celadon City and Route 7 to Saffron City
  • Nidoran (Female): Master Trainer Ronnie – Route 3 east of Pewter City
  • Nidorina: Master Trainer Fred – Underground Path 7-8 between Celadon City and Lavender Town
  • Nidoqueen: Master Trainer Percy – Route 23 on the way to Victory Road
  • Nidoran (Male): Master Trainer Alvin – Route 4 south of the Pokémon near the Mt. Moon entrance
  • Nidorino: Master Trainer Dave – Underground Path 7-8 between Celadon City and Lavender Town
  • Nidoking: Master Trainer Carlton – Route 23 on the way to Victory Road
  • Clefairy: Master Trainer Chel– Saffron City outside a building southwest of Silph Co.
  • Clefable: Master Trainer Alexandra – Mt. Moon down a ladder by the Pewter City entrance
  • Vulpix: Master Trainer Finn – Route 6 to the right of the Saffron City exit
  • Ninetales: Master Trainer Arnold – Route 9 east of Cerulean City
  • Jigglypuff: Master Trainer Marge – Pewter City in the Pokémon Center
  • Wigglytuff: Master Trainer Yumi – Silph Co. on the top floor in front of the room where players fought Giovanni
  • Zubat: Master Trainer West – Rock Tunnel by the exit to Route 10 and Lavender Town
  • Golbat: Master Trainer Keaton – Victory Road on the floor above the exit (the Zubat and Golbat Master trainers are named after Batman actors Adam West and Michael Keaton
  • Oddish: Master Trainer Amy – Viridian City outside the Poké Mart in a bed of flowers
  • Gloom: Master Trainer Emma – Pewter City to the left of the Poké Center
  • Vileplume: Master Trainer Satoko – Route 14 to the top left of the fence maze before entering Route 13
  • Paras: Master Trainer Evan – Mt. Moon in the northeast corner after entering from Pewter City
  • Parasect: Master Trainer Hans – Route 2 to the north of Viridian City (behind a tree that requires Chop Down)
  • Venonat: Master Trainer Olly – Route 24 to the left of Nugget Bridge
  • Venomoth: Master Trainer Lajos – Route 15 to the east of Fuchsia City (behind a tree that requires Chop Down)
  • Diglett: Master Trainer Collin – Diglett’s Cave by the Route 2 entrance (behind a tree that requires Chop Down)
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Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Eevee How To Catch Charmander Squirtle Bulbasaur

  • Dugtrio: Master Trainer Dexter – Diglett’s Cave by the Route 11 entrance
  • Meowth: Master Trainer Ken – Viridian City in the Poké Mart
  • Persian: Master Trainer Shawn – Rocket Hideout in sector B4 (where Pikachu/Eevee crawled through the vent)
  • Psyduck: Master Trainer Nicole – Route 21 to the left of Cinnabar Island and by the rocks
  • Golduck: Master Trainer Camille – Route 4 swimming in the water outside Cerulean Cave
  • Mankey: Master Trainer Tadashi – Route 5 south of Cerulean City
  • Primeape: Master Trainer Kano – Route 11 upstairs in the building between Route 12
  • Growlithe: Master Trainer Austin – Route 7 by the entrance to Celadon City
  • Arcanine: Master Trainer Satch – Celadon City Hotel in the southeast corner of Celadon City
  • Poliwag: Master Trainer Vicky – Route 12 near the entrance to Route 13
  • Poliwhirl: Master Trainer Kimberly – Cerulean City in the Bulbasaur house next to the Pokémon Center
  • Poliwrath: Master Trainer Yuen – Cerulean City exit through the back of the house in the top left
  • Abra: Master Trainer Angelo – Viridian City on the west near the entrance to Viridian City
  • Kadabra: Master Trainer Jamie – Saffron City in Mr. Psychic’s house
  • Alakazam: Master Trainer Frasier – Route 10 outside the Rock Tunnel exit to the north of Lavender Town
  • Machop: Master Trainer Masahiro– Silph Co. on the fourth floor by a bunch of boxes
  • Machoke: Master Trainer Ryuji– Fuchsia City in the fisherman’s house
  • Machamp: Master Trainer Randy – Vermilion City in a small clearing near Machop
  • Bellsprout: Master Trainer Hana – Viridian City in the school by the Pokémon Center
  • Weepinbell: Master Trainer Emily – Pokémon Tower on the top floor near Mr. Fuji
  • Victreebell: Master Trainer Dianne – Celadon City by a tree to the right of the Celadon City gym
  • Tentacool: Master Trainer Francis – Route 20 by the entrance to the Seafoam Islands Cave
  • Tantacruel: Master Trainer Melvin – Route 20 on a small island to the east of Cinnabar Island
  • Geodude: Master Trainer Irwin – Rock Tunnel a few levels above the Route 10 and Lavender Town entrance
  • Graveler: Master Trainer Dillan – Victory Road on the floor above the Moltres trainer
  • Golem: Master Trainer Valentino – Pewter City on the top floor of Pewter Museum of Science
  • Ponyta: Master Trainer Garret – Saffron City in front of the Poké Mart
  • Rapidash: Master Trainer Raymond – Saffron City behind a tree in the northwest corner
  • Slowpoke: Master Trainer Gill – Route 21 on an island to the north of Cinnabar Island
  • Slowbro: Master Trainer Haruka – Route 21 near Coach Trainer to the north of Cinnabar Island
  • Magnemite: Master Trainer Murray – Underground Path 5-6 to the south of Cerulean City
  • Magneton: Master Trainer Julian – Underground Path 5-6 to the south of Cerulean City
  • Farfetch’d: Master Trainer Moe – Vermilion City outside the Pokémon Center
  • Doduo: Master Trainer Barney – Cerulean City inside Bike Maniac’s house
  • Dodrio: Master Trainer Seymour – Route 15 to the east of Fuchsia City and between two trainers
  • Seel: Master Trainer Aina – Seafoam Island inside the cave and to the east
  • Dewgong: Master Trainer Lois – Seafoam Island near the ladder and three floors above Articuno
  • Grimer: Master Trainer Cory – Celadon City by the water pool near Rocket Game Corner
  • Muk: Master Trainer Gordon – Pokémon Mansion on the second floor (using the statue switch)
  • Shellder: Master Trainer Shelly – Route 19 in the water to the south of Fuchsia City
  • Cloyster: Master Trainer Rose – Route 20 by the exit of the Seafoam Islands cave
  • Gastly: Master Trainer Arin – Lavender Town behind Mr. Fuji’s House
  • Haunter: Master Trainer Danny – Lavender Town hiding between two houses near where the Marowak master trainer
  • Gengar: Master Trainer Ross – Lavender Town behind the Poké Mart
  • Onix: Master Trainer Jim – Underground Path 7-8 connecting Celadon City and Lavender Town
  • Drowzee: Master Trainer Anton – Viridian City at the back of the Pokémon Center
  • Hypno: Master Trainer Vlad – Pokémon Tower on the floor with the healing space
  • Krabby: Master Trainer Carl – Vermilion City in the Pokémon fan club
  • Kingler: Master Trainer Leopold – Silph Co. next to the fountain in the lobby
  • Voltorb: Master Trainer Humphrey – Power Plant in the center of the building by some barrels
  • Electrode: Master Trainer Elton – Route 16 on the right side of Pokémon Road
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Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Eevee Shiny Guide

  • Exeggcute: Master Trainer Summer – Route 24 to the right of Nugget Bridge
  • Exeggutor: Master Trainer Cindy – Cinnabar Island between Cinnabar Lab and the Pokémon Center
  • Cubone: Master Trainer Richter– Route 8 in the Guard station connecting to Saffron City
  • Marowak: Master Trainer Julius – Lavender Town in Mr. Fuji’s House
  • Hitmonlee: Master Trainer Cheng – Saffron City in the Saffron City Fighting Dojo to the left
  • Hitmonchan: Master Trainer Wong – Saffron City in the Saffron City Fighting Dojo to the right
  • Lickitung: Master Trainer Cid – Route 16 upstairs in the Guard Station connecting to Celadon City
  • Koffing: Master Trainer Albert – Route 17 on the left side of Pokémon Road
  • Weezing: Master Trainer Donnie – Rocket Hideout in sector B3 when coming down the stairs
  • Rhyhorn: Master Trainer Farkas – Route 17 on the left side of Pokémon Road
  • Rhydon: Master Trainer Eugine – Rocket Hideout on the first floor with moving floor tiles
  • Chansey: Master Trainer Mizuki– Fuchsia City in the Pokémon Center
  • Tangela: Master Trainer Harleen – Route 15 east of Fuchsia City (behind a tree that requires Chop Down)
  • Kangaskhan: Master Trainer Mac – Fuchsia City outside Safari Zone and Go Park
  • Horsea: Master Trainer Beverly– Route 19 by the rocks and in the water south of Fuchsia City
  • Seadra: Master Trainer Lucy – Route 12 in the water south of Lavender Town
  • Goldeen: Master Trainer Evette – Route 12 in the water and right of where players get the Dazzling Gleam TM
  • Seaking: Master Trainer Arianna – Route 13 against the rocks in the water
  • Staryu: Master Trainer Jo – Route 19 on the beach south of Fuchsia City
  • Starmie: Master Trainer Harrison – Route 25 to the right of Bill’s house
  • Mr. Mime: Master Trainer Rui – Celadon City on the second floor of Celadon Condominiums
  • Scyther: Master Trainer Louie– Route 15 upstairs in Guard Station connecting to Fuchsia City
  • Jynx: Master Trainer Avery – Cerulean City in the grass near Cerulean Cave
  • Electabuzz: Master Trainer Levi – Route 10 to the left side of the Cerulean City Power Plant
  • Magmar: Master Trainer Jace – Pokémon Mansion on the first floor
  • Pinsir: Master Trainer Ryouta – Route 18 upstairs in Guard Station connecting to Fuchsia City
  • Tauros: Master Trainer Jaxson – Fuchsia City outside the Go Park and Safari Zone
  • Magikarp: Master Trainer Easton – Route 4 inside the Pokémon Center near Mt. Moon
  • Gyarados: Master Trainer Dominic – Celadon City in the room to the right of reception in the Celadon Hotel
  • Lapras: Master Trainer Hazel – Pokémon Tower three floors from the top and by a grave
  • Ditto: Master Trainer ??? –Pokémon Mansion on the third floor (using the statue switch)
  • Eevee: Master Trainer Aoi – Route 17 in the clearing with the Eeveelutions
  • Vaporeon: Master Trainer Yue – Celadon City on the second floor of the Celadon City Department Store
  • Jolteon: Master Trainer Alphonse – Celadon City on the third floor of the Celadon City Department Store
  • Flareon: Master Trainer Dax – Celadon City on the fourth floor of the Celadon City Department Store
  • Porygon: Master Trainer Jordan – Celadon City inside Rocket Game Corner
  • Omanyte: Master Trainer Colson– Mt. Moon two floors beneath the Pewter City entrance and directly below the directly below the Clefable Master Trainer
  • Omastar: Master Trainer Lionel – Cinnabar Island in the Pokémon Lab
  • Kabuto: Master Trainer Barnaby – Mt. Moon two floors beneath the Pewter City entrance and where the Rare Candy was on a pedestal
  • Kabutops: Master Trainer Kenji – Pewter City in the house to the right of the Pewter City Museum
  • Aerodactyl: Master Trainer Hisato – Pewter City inside the Pewter Museum of Science (after paying the fee)
  • Snorlax: Master Trainer Jay – Celadon City to the west
  • Articuno: Master Trainer  – Seafoam Island just across from where players first met Articuno
  • Zapdos: Master Trainer – Power Plant just across from where players first met Zapdos
  • Moltres: Master Trainer – Victory Road just across from where players first met Moltres
  • Dratini: Master Trainer Jirard – Route 23 by the water leading to Victory Road
  • Dragonair: Master Trainer Arjun – Seafoam Island on the floor above where Articuno was
  • Dragonite: Master Trainer Grayson – Cerulean City in the house to the left of the Pokémon Center
  • Mewtwo: Master Trainer –Pokémon Mansion in the center of the basement (using the statue switch)
  • Mew: Master Trainer –Pokémon Mansion in the west of the basement (using the statue switch)
  • Meltan: Master Trainer –Pokémon Mansion in the southwest of the basement (using the statue switch)
  • Melmetal: Master Trainer –Pokémon Mansion in the north of the basement (using the statue switch)
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It’s important to note that not every Master Trainer will require players to fight them, meaning that showing off a suitably powerful Gyrados might be able to win them over. Also, evolved Alohan forms can be used to take on the likes of a standard Exeggutor. Finally, battling Master Trainers is just for fun because no experience will be awarded from defeating them.

Being able to tackle every Master Trainer will take a serious amount of Pokémon training and trading, but for those who want to really complete Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! it’s an extra quest to keep the game going. Now that gamers know where to find all 153, it’s time to head out on a journey to become the ultimate Pokémon Master.

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