SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Has Released His First Solo Mixtape

On Friday, December 16, 2022, Vernon of SEVENTEEN revealed that he will launch his solo career with his debut mixtape, Black Eye. Pledis Entertainment shared a teaser picture on SEVENTEEN’s official Instagram and Twitter, hinting at the mixtape genre that would be released on December 23 at 2 p.m. KST.

Despite his previous appearances as a solo artist in features and singles, this will be the first time CARATs (SEVENTEEN’s fans) will hear a whole roster of songs from Vernon. The band’s abrupt dip in unexpected news has fans going berserk over yet another solo work. Looking at the trailer, many feel Vernon will fit in with the pop-punk vibe.

VERNON Mixtape ‘Black Eye’ Concept Photo

🎧2022.12.23 2PM (KST)#VERNON #버논#BlackEye #VERNON_BlackEye

— 세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) (@pledis_17) December 18, 2022

Vernon of SEVENTEEN will release his first solo mixtape on December 23.

After the announcement and teaser photographs were released, fans couldn’t contain their excitement and dove into an analysis, taking out pieces of the teaser image and formulating hypotheses about what the mixtape would include. CARATs have been waiting for Vernon of SEVENTEEN to do a full-fledged solo. Given his limited activities outside of the band and the impending release of Black Eye, they are beyond excited about December 23.

Vernon hasn’t been shy about shocking his followers with a dramatic plummet. Fans adored his debut solo track, Bands Boy, which he released on November 23 of last year. Vernon, the rapper of SEVENTEEN, demonstrated his abilities in the sector by completely writing the lyrics and contributing to the music of the hip-hop song. Vernon made another appearance in 2022, this time on Charli XCX’s Beg For You on February 25. Prior to Bands Boys, the K-pop star was last seen in 2016 and 2015, when she released Sickness with PLEDIS GIRLZ and Lotto with Don Mills.

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CARATs went berserk for solo releases from the SEVENTEEN members in 2022.

Prior to Vernon’s mixtape announcement, fans had two other members who launched solo careers this year. On September 23, 2022, SEVENTEEN’s JUN released his first solo song, LIMBO. The song was released in Chinese and Korean versions, as well as a fascinating choreography that established his position in SEVENTEEN’s dance unit.


WOOZI, on the other hand, released Ruby, an English single, on January 4, 2022. The K-pop sensation established himself as an amazing composer with yet another catchy song, great vocals, and intriguing lyrics. The song was the second release of SEVENTEEN’s The Thirteen Tapes, a collection of individual works by all thirteen members. As a result, Black Eye from SEVENTEEN’s Vernon is now the third in line for the project. In other news, SEVENTEEN has just released a Japanese EP called Dream, which includes a fresh new track of the same name. It was accompanied by Japanese versions of their previous songs, Rock with You and All My Love, as well as a Holiday version of their English hit Dar+ling to commemorate the year’s end celebrations. With more and more SEVENTEEN members launching solo careers, CARATs can’t help but stress out with fresh release news as they impatiently await their arrival.

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