Pokémon TCG’s Top 5 Most Expensive Gengar Cards

The Pokémon TCG is well known for how high the value of certain rare cards can go, especially when it’s of a well-loved Pokémon like Gengar. The most expensive Gengar card have had a history of some of the most unique artwork and mechanics in the Pokémon TCG, and is currently highly competitive through V and VMAX forms in the Fusion Strike set.

Gengar Pokémon cards, like the pocket monster itself, have a spooky reputation. Gengar is iconic since its debut as one of the original 151 Gen 1 Pokémon. Gengar has become a staple of the franchise and is highly popular among fans of both video games and the Pokémon TCG. Its dedicated fanbase has made Gengar cards highly sought-after and valuable, solidifying its place as a fan favorite.

#5 Most Expensive Gengar Card: Sabrina’s Gengar

Sabrina’s Gengar is a holo-rare card released in the Gym Heroes set in 2000. The original Japanese version saw Gengar in a background scene displaying a graveyard which fits with his theme as one of the few Pokémon who is actually evil. This was changed for the English release, which sees Gengar in an indistinct background. The English version currently costs $144.61 according to TCGPlayer.

While the Sabrina’s Gengar card did not have great value in terms of gameplay, the major reason it is sought after is that it is considered a “censored” Pokémon card. The image of Gengar standing around a graveyard in the Japanese version seemed inappropriate for western audiences. Additionally, the Sabrina’s Gengar card is rare because the Gym Heroes set was the largest set released at that point, containing 132 cards, which further diluted the chances of pulling Sabrina’s Gengar. Furthermore, a decline in Pokémon popularity at the time meant that fewer of these cards were printed.

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#4 Most Expensive Gengar Pokémon Card: Gengar VMAX Alternate Art

Gengar VMAX Alt Art card in the Pokémon card background

Considered one of the best looking Pokémon cards, Gengar VMAX Alternate Art is a secret-rare card released in the Fusion Strike set in 2021. The card features Gengar in the process of performing its move, “Swallow Up,” but in the alternate art style and colors. Gengar VMAX Alt Art is currently priced at $171.98 at TCGPlayer.

The Gengar VMAX card is highly competitive with its powerful 250-damage attack as well as Fear and Panic, a V and GX Pokémon counter which scales with the number of V and GX Pokémon the opponent has. It can be played together with Single Strike Houndoom and Crobat V for a consistent set-up. Because of this, plus its inherent rarity as an Alt Art card, it’s became one of 2021’s Pokemon TCG cards worth the most money.

#3 Most Expensive Gengar Pokémon Card: Gengar ex

Gengar ex card in the pokémon card background

Gengar ex is an ultra-rare card released in the FireRed & LeafGreen set in 2004. Gengar ex features a distinct 3D art style, while the border in this card is silver as it was for ultra-rare and secret-rares during the FireRed & LeafGreen set, and the card itself displays a fitting purple mist background which serves to support the unique art style. Finally, as with other cards in this list, Gengar ex sports the holofoil style which increases the value but also makes it more difficult to grade. As one of the most expensive Gengar cards, Gengar ex’s cost has steadily increased and is currently at $275.00 on TCGPlayer.

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Gengar ex was also quite competitive at the time sporting powerful attacks, such as the cheap move Poltergeist, which scales off of trainer cards in the opponent’s hand.The card was released during a set that was targeting nostalgia for the original Gen 1 Pokémon, which is a reason for Pokémon cards being worth thousands of dollars. It ultimately succeeded in doing this as the franchise saw some interest after a few lacking years.

#2 Most Expensive Gengar Pokémon Card: Dark Gengar From Neo Destiny

Dark Gengar card in the pokemon card background.

Dark Gengar is a holo-rare card released in the Neo Destiny set in 2002. Dark Gengar sports a powerful ability that makes it difficult for the opponent’s Pokémon to wake from sleep, as well as Pull In, which switches an opponent’s active Pokémon with one of its benched Pokémon. The 1st edition Holofoil version of Dark Gengar goes for $347.50 on TCGPlayer, making it one of the most expensive Gengar cards in the Pokémon TCG.

Dark Gengar was part of the Dark Pokémon event, which was a type of Pokémon seen during the Neo Destiny expansion. They were Pokémon captured and trained by Team Rocket, which corrupted them, which in terms of gameplay, usually raised their attack power while lowering their HP in comparison to their normal counterparts. For this reason, plus the holo-rare status, Gengar ex was highly sought after.

#1 Most Expensive Gengar Card In Pokémon TCG: Gengar H9 — Skyridge

Gengar H9 card in the Pokemon card backgroun

Part of the Skyridge set, one of the most valuable Pokémon TCG card sets, Gengar H9 is a holo-rare card released in the Skyridge set in 2003. The card has the distinct borders seen in the Skyridge set and shows Gengar against a starry background. Because it is part of this sought after set, its rarity is further increased, as are every Skyridge holographic cards. Gengar H9’s cost has increased in the past months and is currently at $575.00, making it the most expensive Gengar card on TCGPlayer.

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Gengar H9 has a powerful attack that either burns or confuses the enemy Pokémon depending on the coin toss, but more importantly, it has the Poké-Power: Manipulate, which allows the player to place a basic Pokémon from the discard pile onto their bench and flip three coins to determine the amount of energy cards the player can attach to said Pokémon from the discard pile. This, in addition to the unique artwork and inherent rarity of belonging to the Skyridge set, make this the most expensive Gengar card at the moment.

As with all Pokémon TCG cards, the prices of these is constantly changing, and highly dependent on the quality and rating of the card. That being said, when it comes to fan-favorite Pokémon such as Gengar, the value tends to stay consistently high.

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