Power Girl Cosplay Proves DC’s Forgotten Kryptonian Deserves Better

DC’s Power Girl is one of the company’s rarely used but beloved characters, as evidenced by the latest cosplay created by Kryptonian fans. Kara Zor-L’s origins are repetitive, her role is critically acclaimed, but she’s not the main character in any crossover events and she often disappears from the universe. DC pillar for many years. But while DC often forgets about this character and how to use her in the story, fans fill in the blanks.

Power Girl’s history is inextricably linked with Supergirl; technically, Kara Zor-L Correct Kara Zor-El, but from another universe. series 1985 Crisis on endless earth, created in part to clean up internal space and simplify DC continuity, unfortunately it doesn’t help much with simplifying the situation. Power Girl has since taken on a third name (Karen Starr), a human with a secret identity and multiple series of the same name, but the character is still considered a B or C superhero in the DC Universe; The DCEU, which introduced the multiverse as a concept, can’t use Power Girl until Supergirl is firmly established, and even then, her chances of getting her own feature film are very low.

An adventurous cosplayer named Monica Tulay (using monicatulay on the photo-sharing site Instagram) demonstrated a Power Girl cosplay that accurately depicts DC’s forgotten Kryptonians. The colors are very bright, with a white suit (with accents and floating collar) paired with Power Girl’s light blue gloves and boots. A red cape and belt reminiscent of Superman’s suit enhances the look (to complete the must-have tricolor most superheroes see, yellow can be found at the buckle. belt and gold band hold the cloak together).

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Power Girl fans want the character to stand out

Unfortunately, Power Girl is not known to the wider public because of her complicated personality or background. Instead, her provocative outfits made her famous (or infamous) among comic book fans; the cutout of the logo is often said to be the cause of astonishment for writers (DC writer Geoff Johns even suggests that Power Girl keeps a space to signify her absence, perhaps calling it a its own logo and identity). There are currently many rules that explain how Power Girl should dress, some of which are contradictory.

With the mainstream media ignoring Power Girl and DC Comics putting her on the C-list, it’s no wonder cosplayers like Tulay and other fans are stepping up. This character has been around for over 30 years and is essential to understanding advanced concepts like the DC Multiverse; while Power Girl has accepted the fact that she’s more or less a Supergirl clone, it’s still a fundamental part of her identity. This cosplay proves that Power Girl will appear more often in DC Comics; at the very least, she should be recognized by DC as one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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