Psychological test: choose a doodle and discover your mental state

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I never imagined that a simple test could store so much information about my personality. When I read the title, I was completely taken aback, because I always believed that I would find out my mental state with other types of tests. But this never happened and thanks to this personality test I also discovered many innate aspects of my way of life. The test has 90% efficiency and is very successful because it is very similar to others like: “By choosing a diamond, discover what you need for love happiness” And “Choose one of the lit candles and you will meet perfectly”.

You can see up to 8 options in the photo and you just have to choose the one that grabs your attention the most or you might like it for reasons only you know. It is important to note that each alternative will perfectly describe your unique details.

Choose a doodle and confirm your state of mind

It is very simple, because only one choice is enough. Therefore, you must think wisely about the option you will choose and then carefully read the implications of your decision. I must clarify that this test has no scientific merit.

Here are all the personality test options. Pick the one that catches your attention and you’ll know the results.| Photo: namastest

Learn the answers to the personality test

1. Crucifixion

If you are constantly drawing such drawings, it means that you have two identical goals or needs. You may be attracted to two different professions, one of which you have recognized, but the other is still attractive or your hobby. Or you are now at a fork in the road, because you have two options for arranging an additional accommodation, but each has the same number of advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is that those two directions (whatever they are) are equally important to you. To make? Definitely try to find opportunities to do both or find a reasonable compromise. The constant inner struggle is exhausting. Give yourself time to “ripen” the resolution by setting an exact date when you return to this topic.

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2. Wavy Spiral

You are currently working for the future. Your action is aimed at expanding existing projects or social relationships. However, you are worried about a broken relationship or things that don’t make sense. You want to fix or complete something so that you can fully focus on your current tasks and goals. Therefore, it is necessary to draw conclusions and understand what kind of experience to draw in the future. Ask yourself the questions: “Why is this happening in my life? What did you teach me? “What can I do differently in the future?” Fix the error, but don’t wait for the point to fix because the log has been stored for a long time. Say “thank you” to fate for science and move forward, forward, taking into account the experience gained.

3. Grid

Now you are solving difficult problems. You perceive what has happened in a stressful and responsible way, which affects your physical and emotional state. However, each test is an opportunity to become stronger, acquire new resources, set new goals. Difficulties in life prove that we have not pushed ourselves to the end. This means getting back on track – figuring out what you need to learn personally, what options you have, what and who you can trust. Well, now you see a net in front of you. But imagine that this is a window and behind it is the whole world. And you have the right to remove the bars from the windows. You have the power and resources for that.

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4. Curly curls

You are an active and creative person, you have great potential and a unique vision of the world. You have so many ideas and wishes to make them come true, but you still can’t organize your priorities and pick out the most important and the most important. Well, for a creative person, this condition is quite typical. To start, try to put in logic and find out where you have more opportunities and resources. That’s what I’m starting with. Of course, muses are capricious ladies, but they also like a lot of attention.

5. Circles

Right now you are frustrated about something, maybe you are angry, and everything and everyone seems to be working against you. This feeling of vital tension is related to some unpleasant current event or the collapse of hope. But if we go through these feelings, then maybe we have met true reality. That’s right, the forces devoted to experience must be returned. Do it. Talk to someone you completely trust. If not, describe what happened as a letter to a friend or a story.

6. Block

You may be in the process of finding your identity. Now you feel that the old world is changing and you are trying to hold on to it. He also tries to create a new life, making plans and making sure that the past cannot connect with the future. You support and strengthen the past and the future, but it is only a temporary solution to the problem. In fact, there are many building materials, which are quite sturdy and of good quality. You just need to understand what kind of stable structure you can build from it.

7. Concentric spiral

Chances are, you are trying to find harmony and balance in your life. Everyone wants to achieve a state of harmony, but the process is complex and endless. You want everything to be perfect, but it just doesn’t work out that way. Don’t be too hard on yourself and others. Accept life as it is: with gifts and losses, encounters and partings, with joys and sorrows. And above all, accept yourself, with all your strengths and weaknesses.

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8. Vertical curve

You live in an oscillating tunnel of your own making. On the one hand, you are working towards your goals, on the other hand, you go through ups and downs. It seems to you that everything remains the same, all hopes and compromises frozen in time and not yielding the expected results for a long time. However, be patient and learn to relax. It takes longer for your wishes to come true. Stop and look at the dynamics of what is happening to you and your life. Are you happy? Is there anything worth changing or adding?

What is a personality test?

According to experts, personality tests, images or any other, are tools whose goal is to measure or evaluate a certain psychological trait. For this reason, they have become very popular content on social networks and the Internet in general, because through them you can learn various qualities that you may not know about yourself, your thoughts on things and how you must behave or behave in certain situations and stimuli.

What benefits can we get from taking the test?

we can know traits of our latent personality or find out more details about our behavior thanks to the reflexes provided by these viral personality tests. They are also a fun way to distract and a healthy exercise for our minds, away from the typical routine and busy social media content.

Here is another test in this video

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