Rambo Movie Timeline Explained

this lambo The series lasted 37 years, starting in 1982 first drop of blood and ends in September 2019 First Blood: Last Blood. Over the years, it has grown into an iconic action franchise, proving that Sylvester Stallone is a true action star and introducing audiences to John Rambo, one of the best action counter-heroes of all time.

When starting a franchise, first drop of bloodRambo is a Vietnam Veteran visiting friends from the war. In the first film, the audience learns that Rambo is a Green Beret soldier trained to be a ruthless killing machine. He was taken as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and through flashbacks, audiences begin to understand the toll the war took on him mentally and emotionally. In the sequels, Rambo is a man trying to get over his past and move on, but is always pulled back to help those in need. It is clear that Rambo, a man who cannot bury his past no matter how many years pass, is finally cast as a stoic and ruthless soldier who, time and time again, becomes a force to be reckoned with. lambo Given the series’ timeline, it’s easier to see how Rambo’s quests have shaped and developed him over the years.

none of them lambo In addition to a year, movies are also tied to a specific date or time, the day of the release year of each film. These dates are:

  • 1982: first drop of blood
  • 1985: First Blood: First Blood Part II
  • 1988: rambo III
  • In 2008: lambo

When it comes to determining the timeline of the movies, all we have to do is the number of days and nights spent in each movie, and even then, some approximation is needed. With this in mind, the sequel lambo Movie Showtimes – From first drop of blood The story begins with Rambo being released from the Vietnam POW camp seven years after the end of the Vietnam War.

1982: First Blood

Play time: 2 days 2 nights

  • Day 1: John Rambo arrives in Hope, Washington, with the intention of reuniting with his Green Berets from the Vietnam War. Rambo learns from his family that his friend has died of cancer. Sheriff Tissot stops Rambo when he enters town, and Tissot immediately develops a grudge against him. Rambo is arrested after he refuses to leave town at Tissot’s request, even though he has done nothing illegal. While Rambo was being registered at the Hope Police Department, other officers assaulted him, leaving him with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Rambo tries to escape from the police station and into the woods outside the town of Hope. A manhunt begins, but Rambo quickly outmaneuveres the police led by Tissot. Rambo found a place to spend the night in a cave, and Teasle returned to town and established a base of operations. Colonel Troutman and his team arrived on the scene, and Troutman explained that Rambo had been trained to outmaneuver Tissot and counterattack better than Tissot and his men.
  • First night: State soldiers attempt to contact Rambo over a radio he stole from an officer killed in a manhunt earlier in the day. Rambo ignored the calls until Trautman answered and tried to lure him out. Rambo explained why he reacted the way he did, telling Trautman, “They won first.”
  • Day 2: The quest begins to overextend. The state soldiers tried to track Rambo in the forest. Rambo hides in the mines and heads back to the highway. He takes over an army truck and returns to town. Rambo prepares to attack Tissot, who is confused and a bit disappointed that he can’t catch Rambo.
  • Night 2: Rambo blows up the town’s gas station as a way to distract the police force and the townspeople of Hope. He walked towards the police station. Ready, Tissot grabbed a gun, went up to the roof of the station and shot Rambo, who shot him from the road below to the roof. Rambo enters the police station, but is stopped by Trautman before he can deal more damage. Rambo voluntarily was detained by Trautman and arrested for the damage he caused.
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1985: First Blood – First Blood Part II

Rambo in First Blood Part 2

Coverage period: 5 days 4 nights

  • Prologue: While Rambo is in prison, Trautman comes to him and offers him a mission to Vietnam that could potentially get him pardoned by the president. Rambo accepts.
  • Day 1: Lambo arrives in Vietnam. He meets Murdoch, who tells him he is on a reconnaissance mission to photograph Vietnamese prison camps, which the United States believes may still be holding American prisoners of war.
  • Day 2: Rambo parachuted into an approved drop-off area near the POW camp. He meets his contact at home, rebel fighter Co Bao. The two made their way to the first camp, where Vietnamese rebels had helped them sneak into the river, as close as possible.
  • Second night: Rambo and his friends arrive at camp. Rambo saw that he still had a prisoner, so he lost it. He killed all the guards (he was specifically instructed not to do so to avoid the Vietnamese knowing that the United States existed). Rambo and his friends take a living prisoner out of the camp.
  • Day 3: Rambo, company and POWs return to US base of operations. Murdoch learns that Rambo killed the Vietnamese soldier and orders the American evacuation team to keep Rambo and his group in their place. Rambo and the prisoners were recaptured by the Vietnamese, but the company escaped. Vietnamese soldiers handed over Rambo and prisoners to the Soviet Union.
  • Day Four: Rambo is tortured by Soviet concentration camp leaders for information.
  • Night 4: Soviet leaders threaten Rambo to contact Murdoch and Trautman at the US base so that the Soviets can eavesdrop and attack. Instead of getting information from Murdoch, Rambo threatens him that he will come get him.
  • Day 5: Rambo, with the help of Coe (who returned to the camp to help free him), kills the Soviet troops and returns to the American base on a plane stolen from the Soviet camp. They took all American prisoners of war and returned them safely to American detention facilities. Rambo approached Murdoch and threatened him in the face, asking him to send a search team across Vietnam to make sure that no American POWs remained in the country. Rambo also threatened to find and kill Murdoch if he disobeyed Rambo’s orders. Rambo was pardoned for his work and went to Thailand.
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1988: First Blood III

Things you didn't know about Lambo :3

Coverage time: about 8-10 days

  • Prologue: Trautman finds out that Rambo lives in Thailand. He asked Rambo to go with him to Afghanistan to help supply weapons to Afghan freedom fighters trying to prevent the Soviets from taking over their country. Rambo refuses and tries to say that he has left that life behind. Trautman leaves him to continue the mission alone. Trautman’s mission failed and he was captured by the Soviet Union. News of Trautman’s arrest reached Rambo in Thailand, and he went to Afghanistan.
  • Day 1: Trautman meets Soviet leader Zaizen after being captured on a failed mission the night before.
  • Day 2: Rambo arrives in Afghanistan. He meets Musa, an arms dealer, who agrees to bring him close enough to the Soviet base so he can get Trautman. Zassen tortured Trautman to get information about where the US military was firing missiles to help Muhajiddin fight the Soviets. Trautman declined to disclose.
  • June 3: Trautman remains imprisoned at a Soviet base. Rambo and Musa rode camels across the Afghan desert to reach the base.
  • Day 6: Rambo and Musa stop at a village. They talk to freedom fighters and a former Soviet soldier, instructing them on how to infiltrate the base.
  • Friday night: Rambo infiltrates the base and finds Trautman. When the two tried to escape, they were discovered by Soviet soldiers. Rambo had to leave Trautman with the promise to return the next day.
  • Day 7: Rambo finds another way to enter the base and captures Trautman. The two managed to escape, stealing a Soviet helicopter to get out of there as quickly as possible. Soviet soldiers commanded by Zassen landed in a helicopter across the desert in pursuit of Rambo and Trautman.
  • Saturday Night: Rambo and Trautman are still fighting the Soviet Union when a group of freedom fighters show up to help Rambo and Trautman.
  • Day 8: Rambo and Trautman leave Afghanistan.

2008: First Blood

Coverage time: about 24 days

  • Day 1: Rambo lives in Thailand. He is approached by a group of missionaries led by Michael Burnett, who wish to enter Burma to provide aid to villagers affected by the sabotage of SPDC soldiers. Rambo initially refused because he thought it would be futile.
  • Night 1: Sarah, a member of the mission, meets with Rambo and tries to convince him to lead the mission into Burma. His attitude softened because she thought that saving lives was using herself. Meanwhile, the SPDC attacked a Burmese village.
  • Day 2: The morning after Sarah’s visit, Rambo took the mission group up the river to Burma.
  • Second Night: The party encounters a Burmese pirate ship. The leader of the pirates tries to force Rambo to hand Sarah over to the crew. Rambo kills a group of pirates in front of the missionaries.
  • Day 3: Rambo tells the missionaries to leave Burma. The missionaries set out to the villages where they would deliver aid. Rambo returns to Thailand.
  • July 4 (approximately): The missionaries go to work in the village, heal the sick and do pastoral work. Lambo resumes normal operations in Thailand.
  • Day 7: SPDC soldiers led by Major Pa Tee Tint invade the missionary’s village, killing and imprisoning the villagers and missionary.
  • 7-20: Mission group now prisoners of the SPDC, led by Major Dint.
  • Night 21: Pastor Marsh, the head of the church who sent members of the mission team Michael and Sarah, comes to Rambo and says the group should come back in ten days. We must assume that the group had been on the mission for about a week, but did not complete their trip. Marsh asks Rambo to accompany a group of mercenaries hired by the priest to bring the mission group back to safety.
  • Day 22: Rambo goes up the river with the mercenaries. Sarah and the other missionaries remained in captivity.
  • Day 23: Rambo and his mercenaries encounter a group of SPDC soldiers who are forcing Burmese villagers through a minefield as a means of torturing them. The mercenaries proved ineffective against the SPDC, and Rambo easily killed every soldier with his bow.
  • Night 23: Rambo and the mercenaries arrive at the border of the SPDC camp where the missionaries are being held. The squad sneaks into the camp. Two factions form: the mercenaries capture all the male missionaries. Rambo stops to save Sarah from being sexually assaulted by an SPDC soldier.
  • Day 24: The group of mercenaries/missionaries try to get back to the river where the boats are moored. Progress was delayed due to one of the mercenaries being seriously injured. Meanwhile, Rambo, Sarah and a mercenary join them back to the ship. Soldiers Dint and SPDC attacked them. Rambo sends Sarah and the mercenaries back to the ship and stops them. Finally, the soldiers who found the missionaries and mercenaries on the riverbank had arrived and were about to leave. When all hope was lost, Rambo unexpectedly stepped up and saved the world, killing the rest of the SPDC and Dint. Sarah thanks him for his help.
  • Sometime After Thailand: Rambo returns to his father’s ranch in Arizona. Lambo has been here for over thirty years. As we will First Blood: Last Standthat’s where Lambo still lives 10 years later.
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