Rasmus Højlund Shirt Number Will Be Announced By Manchester Uniter: Which Shirt Number Is Given To Hojlund?

There is great great news. This news is really surprising in the football world right now. Alejandro Garnacho got a new number. Surprising isn’t it? Yes, it is completely surprising and shocking. His new number has been confirmed as Rasmus Hujlund is now ready to wear another number. This news was officially published on the Internet. Since the announcement of this news, Alejandro fans are very happy about this surprising news. But now a great responsibility rests on Alejandro’s shoulders. He is a teenager and it is very difficult as a teenager to take on a big responsibility at the international level. But we hope he does his job perfectly. Let’s find out everything about this announcement in this article.

Rasmus Højlund’s jersey number will be announced by Manchester Uniter

Alejandro Garnacho was born on July 1, 2004 in Madrid, Spain. His full name is Alejandro Garnacho Ferreyra. He is a famous professional soccer player. he plays for the first league team Manchester United and the Argentine national team, he plays as a winger. He became part of Manchester United Acaqmdey in 2020. He achieved great recognition only at the age of 19. So far, there is no concrete information about his family. There are no details about his parents and siblings. He is one of Manchester United’s best players. At a very young age, he gained a good following.

Rasmus Højlund

Now Alejandro Garnacho has a new responsibility. He will now wear a new number. Now in Manchester United, he will wear the jersey number 7. For him, it is a big responsibility because it is not easy to wear this number. As we know, he broke into Erik ten Hag’s side last season. This scene had a big impact on his performance on the left.

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Rasmus Højlund

Alejandro Garnacho gave Manchester United a jersey with 7 numbers. He was given this iconic and responsible number at Old Trafford until Mason Mount returned. This news was officially confirmed by Alejandro Garnacha’s brother Roberto on his social media platform. His brother uploaded a picture of Alejandro and captioned it “AG17”. Before getting the number 7 shirt, Alejandro wore the number 49 shirt. There are some reports that Mason will not return to Old Trafford. This news was confirmed by the club last week.

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