Real Reason Behind The Divorce Between Norma Gibson And Tyrese Gibson

Norma Gibson’s full name is Norma Mitchell Gibson. She is known for being the ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson. She was originally from London, England. Tyrese, on the other hand, is an actor and singer. The actor is best known for his appearances in films such as The Fast and the Furious and Transformers.

Norma was married twice

It was her second marriage to Tyrese. However, she was said to have originally married another guy, whose identity remains unknown. Her first boyfriend left her because he was a domestic abuser, nagging, arguing and fighting. The woman said that her previous boyfriend did not appreciate her, so she decided to end the relationship because she was tired of the daily fights. However, Tyrese could not stay long.

Life with hubby Tyrese before the divorce

Tyrese and Norma, a former couple, met in 2002. Norma was then a student living in London with her mother. The two got along and shone in company. At that time, the artist showered her with expensive gifts, took her on romantic trips and gave her unlimited credit cards. After a year, Tyrese asked his wife to go with him to Los Angeles and she agreed. She left college and her family to be with him.

The couple was expecting a child in 2007. They eventually got married after signing a prenuptial agreement. Both of them kept their personal lives secret and away from the public, they never mentioned anything personally. Despite this, their happy existence did not last long, resulting in a bitter divorce.

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What was the real cause of their divorce?

People claimed the woman was cheating on Tyrese after news of their split spread. Some of them accused Tyrese of lying though. Upon further investigation, it was determined that Tyrese was right and Norma betrayed him. The artist confronted the woman about stealing and investing his money. When he questioned them, she denied it and said she was too busy enjoying her life. Norma did not change her answer after being questioned many times. Make him file for divorce.


The former couple has a daughter, Shayla Somer Gibson. Their 13-year-old daughter is under joint custody. Everyone knew about their contentious legal and custody battle over Shayla. Shayla’s mother, Norma, was granted temporary custody. Regardless, Shayla’s father was angry with Norma for letting his daughter sleep over at a friend’s house instead of letting him know to watch over her.

Norma Gibson

He was also unhappy because the woman left the country for a few days in early January when Shayla was supposed to be in her care. Not only that, Norma accused Tyrese of assaulting their child in August 2017. Tyrese pushed their daughter to the ground and held her face down, holding her knees to her back, grabbing her wrists with one hand and punching her with the other, according to the woman. He also allegedly hit his daughter between 12 and 16 times, causing her to be unable to sit down. Despite this, the artist condemned all the accusations as false and offensive.

Tyrese Gibson had a difficult upbringing.

Tyrese grew up in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. His mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, raised him when his father, Tyrone Gibson, left the family in 1983. He said growing up was difficult because he had to go to school to eat. Locke High, a school in Watts, provided him with acting experience as well as thorough musical instruction.

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Netto value

Tyrese’s net worth is $3 million as of August 2023, while Norma’s financial information is not listed.

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