Red Goblin Gets Anti-Venom-Inspired Redesign Ahead of New Series

Warning: spoilers Venom #15! Red Goblin is one of the strangest abstractions in the Venom family tree, but ahead of his first solo series, he’s returning with a new look inspired by Anti-Venom. Nomi Osborn inherits the mantle of the Red Devil from one of his grandfather’s most horrific conspiracies. However, the Red Devil returns with heroic intentions, and his new design signals that Nomi may be on a different path than his ancestor. All this and more remains to be seen when the single from Red Goblin hits shelves on February 8, 2023.

Normie is back in the pages Venom #15 From Ram V, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Scott Hanna, Alex Sinclair, VC’s Clayton Cowles and Devin Lewis. Norman Osborn seduces his grandson into bonding with the symbiote at the outset, while Nomi’s friend Dylan Bullock calls on him to suit up again for a noble purpose.

As Dylan encourages his friend while bonding with the new symbiote, he reminds Nomi, “You are not the Holocaust. You are not your grandfather.You’re just like me…something newDylan’s words ring true, as this Red Goblin has a new facial design that leans more towards Klyntar features than those of the Green Goblin, while the white on the body is reminiscent of the Anti-Venom symbiote.

Red Devil’s redesign symbolizes hero’s transformation

The Red Devil redesign is on full display in Venom #15.

Norman Osborn is the first Red Goblin, an identity formed due to his bond with the Carnage symbiote. He does this in order to reactivate the Goblin Serum in his body, a combination that is deadly and terrifying. He also lures Nomi into bonding with the Red Devil, playing on the child’s insecurities and amplifying his darkest intrusive thoughts. The incident has been described as traumatic for Nomi, and his mother Liz Allen seems keen to put her family behind her. However, Allen’s company Alchemax is still at the center of Dylan Bullock’s ongoing Venom adventures, so it’s only a matter of time before Nomi gets a chance to reconnect with Klyntar.

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Nomi’s new symbiote form has some key characteristics that lead him to be considered the Red Goblin. However, this new incarnation has Anti-Venom’s more familiar aesthetic than most other symbiotes. Historically, Anti-Venom symbiotes have marked a whole new direction for their hosts, or served as visual shorthand for symbiote hosts with more heroic moral leanings. For example, Flash Thompson is arguably the most morally pure hero to become a Venom host, and he is currently the Anti-Venom host. Therefore, it’s safe to interpret the Red Goblin’s new look as an attempt to convey that Nomi and his symbiote will indeed be something new, something more heroic in temperament.

The Red Goblin returns just in time for the symbiote’s summer

death of venom universe

and death of venom universe Marvel seems to be gearing up for a key Klyntar casting.The storyline is part of a larger summer of symbiotes The event looks set to star Venom, Sleeper, Carnage, Red Goblin, and even Deadpool’s new kid Renesmee. With Klyntar’s crew spread across different timelines, realms, and families, this is sure to be a compelling story that brings them together. That’s why now is the perfect time to reintroduce the Red Devils and set up the future journey for Nomi’s character. If this design is any indication, Red Devil’s riff on the Anti-Venom costume could mean the next-generation Osborn series is finally heading towards heroism.

Venom #15 On sale now from Marvel Comics.

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