Removed only 2 matches and fixed the propagation challenge equation

Hector honored Molina August 6, 2023. 08:00 am

New virus challenge It is starting to grow among social network users. This test will help you measure your intellectual capacity and determine if you are a person of superior intelligence. Do what you have to do? Simply remove the 2 matches shown in the equation and try to correct the math.

To increase the difficulty, you will only have 5 seconds to determine which matches will get you the correct answer. Look at the picture carefully and see how you can correct that equation. Note that you will have a little time trying to find a solution, but we will give you some opportunities.

If after a few tries you still can’t figure out which matches you need to remove to correct the equation, don’t worry, we’ll give you the answer shortly.

The image of the challenge goes viral

You just need to remove the two matches and fix the propagation challenge equation.| Photo: Fresherslive

The solution to the viral challenge

The simple solution is to remove the two phosphors from the image. That is? It’s very simple: you have to remove two matches from any of the 8 matches in the equation. In the end, the math will look like this 3+8=11.

After making two moves, this will be the propagation challenge equation.|  Photo: FreshersliveAfter making two moves, this will be the propagation challenge equation.| Photo: Fresherslive

Did you find this visual challenge interesting because you learned more about yourself and your way of life or thinking? These tests are fun and in some cases difficult to do, but they always teach you. If you want to keep testing your knowledge, we tell you that there is a long list of challenges that you can take and Just click on the following link with more visual challenges in Depor, that’s it. Challenge you?

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