Resident Evil 4 Remake: Every Special Edition & What They Include

this Evil 4 The remake is slated to launch in 2023, and Capcom has revealed the contents of various special editions of the game. Capcom revealed Evil 4A newer, bloodier trailer for the game was released during the October 2022 Resident Evil rollout, revealing that the remake is darker and has a much weirder tone than the original game. . However, the graphics upgrade can make it look bloodier than what GameCube/PlayStation 2 games can achieve, even with the HD remake.

Evil 4 Launching March 24 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC (via Steam), and Xbox Series X/S. The game will be one of Capcom’s biggest releases in recent history, available with Devil’s Village And Monster Hunter Risesso the company has prepared many versions for players to choose from. HD remake of the original Evil 4 Available on Oculus and many other platforms, it’s often discounted, so those who need to fix Leon and can’t afford the new game can at least play the original for cheap.

According to the official introduction Evil 4 website, people who pre-order any version Evil 4 The remake will feature Attachment Cases: Gold Skin, which allows the player to change the color of the inventory, and Charms: Pistol Ammo, which adds a charm to the shape of the red pistol cartridge that it is. players found around the world. The game is available for pre-order in three editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition. These versions have different content depending on the platform.

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Resident Evil 4 content remake of the standard version

this Resident Evil 4 Standard Edition Comes with a copy of the game on all platforms. Playstation version 5 Evil 4The remake, as well as the PlayStation 4 version of the game, will receive Evil 4 Get the soundtrack by digitally pre-ordering the game on the PlayStation Store. Background music is the only platform-specific benefit in this special edition tier, so Xbox and Steam players who stick with their respective systems won’t miss out much.

Content Resident Evil 4 remake Deluxe version

Resident Evil 4 Deluxe Remake DLC Contents

this Resident Evil 4 Premium Edition everything included Resident Evil 4 Standard EditionMini Soundtrack is still locked on the PlayStation platform. This release adds some pre-order perks, as players will also get Briefcase: Classic Leather, which makes the chest look like a brown suitcase, and Charm: Green Herb, which boosts add charm evil residentIconic green healing herb container.this one Resident Evil 4 Premium Edition Also comes with the following DLC.

  • Leon & Ashley Outfits: “Normal”
  • Leon & Ashley Outfits: “Romantic”
  • Leon skins and filters: “Hero”
  • Leon Skins & Filters: “Villains”
  • Advanced Weapon: “Sentinel Nine”
  • Advanced Weapon: ‘Skull Shaker’
  • Treasure Map: Expansion
  • Leon Accessories: “Sunglasses (Sporty)”
  • Swap the “original” soundtrack

Contents Resident Evil 4 Remake Collector’s Edition

DLC and items in Resident Evil 4 Remake Collectors Edition

it’s worth mentioning Resident Evil 4 Collector’s Edition Not available for PC/Steam players, exclusively for PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox Series X/S.this platforms Resident Evil 4 Collector’s Edition Comes with everything from previous releases, including a digital soundtrack for Xbox Series X/S owners. The main attraction of this version is the physical items, listed below.

  • Resident Evil 4 Steelbook + Physical copy
  • digital music
  • Photo: Leon S. Kennedy
  • art book, art book
  • special map
  • collection box
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Those who want a statue of Leon in their living room must be willing to spend a lot of money because Resident Evil 4 Collector’s Edition Cost £249.99/$249.99. It remains to be seen how good this model and collection box will look with just a photo of both. In most years, this means UK gamers will pay for Evil 4 than their US counterparts, but the pound’s devaluation over the past year means costs are roughly the same.

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