Righteous Gemstones Star Reacts To Surprise Season 2 Episode 9 Cameo

warning! This article contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 9 justice jewel

justice jewel Walton Goggins star reacts to Macaulay Culkin’s surprise cameo in season 2, episode 9 of the HBO series. By Danny McBride, this dark comedy satirizes the super-church industry and its long tradition of deception and greed. Season 1 premiered in August 2019 and featured Goggins, McBride, John Goodman, Eddie Patterson, Adam Devine, Cassidy Freeman, and Skyler Gisondo. Play as a dysfunctional missionary and priest family. Since returning to HBO last month, the series has only added Eric Andre and Joe Jonas to the cast.

While season 1 focuses on the immature Gemstone children and their well-being thanks to donations from the church, justice jewel Season 2 shifts the focus to their widowed patriarch Eli (Goodman), who has accepted his dark past. Also in season 1, Eli’s estranged brother-in-law, Billy “Baby” Freeman (Goggins), is tasked with running a super church in a shopping mall. Throughout Season 2, Eli and Baby Billy struggle with the ghosts of their past. In the season’s penultimate episode, Billy and Goggins got a big surprise when they made a cameo that Goggins didn’t even know about.

in an interview ringGoggins reacted to Macaulay Culkin’s surprise cameo in episode 9. Baby Billy actor had no idea Culkin had been cast as the estranged child of his character, Harmon Freeman, until they filmed the scene together. home alone The sudden appearance of the star, Goggins recalls exclaiming, “Are you kidding me?Before the scene, Goggins avoided talking to Culkin to help create a sense of tension and alienation between the two. Read his full reaction to the cameo below:

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When I found out, “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? I remember meeting him before and just nodding slightly. I don’t know if he wants to say more. I really didn’t give him a chance. We actually rehearsed it once without even actually reading through it. Just throw things away. I remember I just stared at him for a long time [him] Not a word. Very stressful indeed.

Since Season 2, Episode 4 begins in 1993, with Goggins’ character abandoning his wife and son in a shopping mall, it’s clear that Billy Jr.’s past. as an absentee father will finally catch up with him today. At the end of an episode, he dumps his third wife, Tiffany (Vale Hall). Later, the ghost of his sister Emily (Jennifer Nettles) visits him and convinces him to make peace with Harmon so he returns home unannounced, laying the groundwork for father and son reunion.

The goofy encounter between the characters of Goggins and Culkin (which ends in reconciliation with Harmon punching Baby Billy in the face) perfectly sums up the combination of brand humor and outrageous honesty. of the movie. justice jewel HBO has renewed for a third season, but it’s unclear if Culkin plans to return as Harmon. Fans will almost certainly be excited to see more hilarious interactions between the two.

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