Tower Craft 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.10.8

Are you a lover of heights? Have you always wanted to conquer high-altitude objects around the world? Or are you a design and construction enthusiast? Tower Craft 3D is a game that gathers everything you want. This is one of the many games of the most attractive strategy genre today. The content of the game is about building and developing buildings. The game is designed on a clear and beautiful graphics platform. Graphics and sound effects are invested by Tower Craft 3D manufacturers. For example, in Flying Brick Effect, money increases for each brick you drop. Overall, you will find it very harmonious and interesting.

Enter the world of Tower Craft 3D, where you will complete many fascinating quests. This is a game with automatic building mechanics. You can build as many floors as you want. This helps you relax and enjoy the game. Coming to Tower Craft 3D, you will have the opportunity to become an excellent construction architect. At the same time, you get to play the role of a talented manager. Like many games of the same genre, Tower Craft 3D is not too difficult to play. Rich game content with hundreds of different levels. So even if you spend hours playing the game, you will never get bored.

Download Tower Craft 3D mod – Attractive Auto Tower Game

Tower Craft 3D is a fun casual game that doesn’t stand out too much. However, the game has received a lot of positive reviews from the gaming community. You will start the game with the smallest things. First, you will build a small tower. Gradually upgrade the tower to more floors. You will build an unlimited number of floors in this game. This game also helps you to become a talented architect. With your rich imagination, you can create beautiful landmarks. Take these milestones beyond the clouds and even into space. This is great, isn’t it!

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Tower Craft 3D mod for free

easy to build

To help players get used to the gameplay, there will be some tutorials for you at the beginning. The operations to be able to build buildings are very simple. The game has automatic building mechanics. So you just need to select the architecture type and long press on the screen to let the game automatically build. The main material of the game is cubes. Towers are built by stacking these blocks together. Your task is to design unique buildings. At the end of each level you will have the opportunity to unlock many new unique building pieces. Alternatively, you can schedule your order in the queue button at the top of the screen.

Download Tower Craft 3D mod

become a manager

Tower Craft 3D provides a great environment for players to become skill managers. Due to the nature of the construction game, you will have to manage a lot of things. You cannot build towers that are too monotonous. So you need to decide whether to purchase additional tower accessories? You also need to control and choose building materials. When using high quality materials, your tower will be strong. There are many upgrade plans available to you. Only by choosing a suitable plan can you push the building to the green clouds. In addition, you will manage money and other rewards.

Tower Craft 3D mod APK

Rewards and upgrades

During the construction, you will receive coins. Completing a floor you will receive the reward of that floor. The rewards in the game are very diverse. Including gems, new buildings, gold coins… The higher the tower level, the more rewards you get. Leveling up is essential to conquer the ultimate heights in Tower Craft 3D. Each floor of the building has a level. You can use this money to upgrade levels and materials. Thanks to this, the construction of the tower will be faster. At the same time, you can also change the impact of automated builds.

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Tower Craft 3D mod for Android

With eye-catching 3D graphics, the game easily attracts all types of players. The content of Tower Craft 3D is very interesting. In addition, the game has automatic game mechanics. This helps players still have time to relax while having fun. The music of the game has a fast tempo, giving players a dramatic and catchy rhythm. The game will stimulate everyone’s creativity and imagination. Download Tower Craft 3D mod and become a talented architect. In addition, you can also get many attractive rewards.

Download Tower Craft 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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