Riyadh Masters 2023: Playoffs, schedule, results, bracket

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Riyadh Masters 2023 Playoffs Format

The Riyadh Masters 2023 was organized with the support of the Saudi Esports Federation which will boast a prize pool of $15 million by setting an ultimate record for Dota 2 excluding The International. This tournament is a part of the Gamers 8 series and is considered one of the top three E-Sports tournaments in terms of prize money. The Riyadh Masters playoffs have begun followed by a rigorous group state. The playoffs are the final choice for the remaining teams to show on the Tier 1 tournament before The International 12, scheduled for later in the year. Scroll down to the next section to knowing about the Riyadh Master’s 2023 playoff format.

Riyadh Masters Playoffs Schedule and Results

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

08:00 UTC Quest Esports vs Talon Esports1 – 2Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
11:35 UTC Team Liquid vs Gaimin Gladiators2 – 1Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
15:05 UTC Team Spirit vs Team Aster2 – 0Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
18:40 UTC BetBoom Team vs 9Pandas2 – 1Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

09:00 UTC Quest Esports vs PSG.LGD2 – 0Lower Bracket Round 1
12:35 UTC Gaimin Gladiators vs Tundra Esports2 – 1Lower Bracket Round 1
16:05 UTC Team Aster vs Evil Geniuses2 – 0Lower Bracket Round 1
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Thursday, July 27, 2023

09:00 UTC 9Pandas vs Team Secret0 – 0Lower Bracket Round 1
12:35 UTC Talon Esports vs Team Liquid0 – 0Upper Bracket Semifinals
16:05 UTC Team Spirit  vs BetBoom Team0 – 0Upper Bracket Semifinals

Friday, July 28, 2023

09:00 UTC Quest Esports  vs Gaimin Gladiators0 – 0Lower Bracket Round 2
12:35 UTC Team Aster vs TBD0 – 0Lower Bracket Round 2
16:05 UTCTBD vs TBD0 – 0Lower Bracket Quarterfinals

Saturday, July 29, 2023

09:00 UTCTBD vs TBD0 – 0Lower Bracket Quarterfinals
12:35 UTCTBD vs TBD0 – 0Upper Bracket Final
16:05 UTCTBD vs TBD0 – 0Lower Bracket Semifinal

Sunday, July 30, 2023

11:00 UTCTBD vs TBD0 – 0Lower Bracket Final
15:00 UTCTBD vs TBD0 – 0Grand Final

It was known that the playoffs are divided into an upper and lower bracket with teams competing in best-of-three matches. The teams that lose in the upper bracket are not immediately eliminated but are instead elevated to the lower bracket for a second chance. However, a loss in the lower bracket meant the elimination of the tournament. The structure is however dynamic as teams compete for the prestigious championship and share a $15 million prize pool on offer. The stakes are therefore high as the Riyadh Masters is not only a chance to claim a significant portion of the prize money but also portrays the power and strength before the International 12. Scroll down to the next section for schedule and results.

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Riyadh Masters 2023 prize pool

PlacePrize MoneyTeams
9th-12th$300,000 PSG.LGD
 Tundra Esports
 Evil Geniuses
13th-14th$200,000 OG
15th-16th$100,000 Xtreme Gaming
 Shopify Rebellion

The playoffs of the Riyadh Masters 2023 are scheduled to take place from July 25 to July 30. Currently, the fans and other competitors are curious to wait for these matches. The prize pool is too impressive and set to $15 million. This substantial sum reflects the growing prestige and importance of the tournament on the global scene. Significantly, the prize pool is the financial incentive for the teams but also a testament to the high level of competition and skill that will be on display. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place will be having prize money of $5,000,00 , $2,500,000 , $1,700,000 , $1,200,000 respectively. However, the 5h and 6th will be having $500,000 prize money. Moreover, there also has 7th to 20th places as well which have different prize money.

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