Rolf Harris dies aged 93 – details

Rolf Harris has passed away at the age of 93, his journalist confirmed. The former TV presenter passed away after a long illness. He has long been out of public view following his arrest following Operation Yewtree police investigation into historic sexual assault allegations. He was eventually found guilty and sentenced to 5 years and 9 months in prison for 12 counts of indecent assault, and was released in 2017 after nearly 3 years of serving.

His journalist Mark Borkowski told Sky News: “When the accusations were made, you started to feel cheated, that all the feelings you had for this icon were fake. He has a dark side that has eclipsed all the fun and games he’s had on the air for decades.

“People will remember him as an entertainer, unique, [who] he lived among his people and was good at reinventing himself – but he will be remembered for his crimes.”

Rolf Harris’s Beliefs

Since his release from prison, a sexual assault charge in which Rolf allegedly assaulted an eight-year-old girl has been dismissed. He applied for leave to appeal other convictions, but this was denied. He faced further indecent assault charges in 2016 and was put on trial in 2017. He was acquitted of three counts. In a subsequent retrial, the jury was unable to reach a verdict and the prosecution confirmed that there would be no retrial.

In a statement, he said at the time: “I don’t feel victorious, just relieved.”

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The 93-year-old lives in his mansion in Berkshire with his wife Alwen Hughes (91 years old). The couple have been married for 65 years and have a daughter named Bindi.

Rolf Harris with camera
© ITVRolf Harris with camera

Rolf was recently reported to be “severely ill”. A neighbour, Portia Wooderson, explained to Australia’s Daily Telegraph: “There were only carers and nurses who came and went to look after him 24 hours a day. I was told he was not. can eat anymore.” By William Merritt, who wrote Rolf Harris: Special investigator of the defense team uncovers the truth behind the trialalso spoke about his illness, adding: “As for his health, yes, he is very sick. But Rolf is moving on. He is still around, but he is not well at all.”

Rolf Harris: Hidden in a mediocre documentary

A recent two-part ITV documentary, which aired on Saturday, has seen the rise of Rolf Harris as a national treasure. Using archival footage and testimony from people close to his trial, the series follows how Rolf manages to become a beloved public figure while sexually assaulting a minor. year.

Rolf Harris in rehearsal at the ABC studio for Australia Day

The synopsis reads: “More than a decade after his arrest, Harris’ accusers, including those who waive the right to remain anonymous, told the story of how they said his attacks how he influenced them, and the pressures that ultimately forced them to testify against him in court.”

It also addresses how Rolf has groomed his daughter Bindi’s childhood friend since the age of 13, and new allegations of abuse surfaced in Australia.

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Speaking of Rolf’s popularity in the documentary, former BBC chairman Lord Grade said: “On those days you don’t get the Saturday night primetime slot on BBC One unless you can attract the crowds. million million people, and Rolf is an absolute touch.

Rolf Harris's photo © ITVRolf Harris photo

“He’s a great asset to the BBC… Because audiences reach out to him so quickly, they know they’ll be entertained if they spend an hour watching Rolf Harris.”

One of his alleged victims, Karen Gardner, also bravely spoke of her experience with him. “For the first few hours, he was amazing,” she said. “And you start to think, ‘Oh yeah, you know, that’s what Harris is.’ He notices me, tells me how amazing I am, hugs me and then it happens.

“And it’s humiliating and vile and terrible and your blood turns to concrete. You can’t believe this is happening. And I have no doubt what’s going on. I’m about to have my period. My period and breasts were very tender and I didn’t. I have no doubt what he did was intentional.”

More images from the ITV documentary here…

Collection of family photos of Dr. Lin Berwick in his youth © ITV Collection of Dr. Lin Berwick’s family picture books in his youth

Archive photo of Rolf HarrisArchive photo of Rolf Harris

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