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Samir Vidvanth

Samir Vidvanth is an Indian director. He is best known for his 2019 biopic of Anandi Gopal.


Sameer Vidwans was born on Wednesday, September 24, 1980 in Pune, Maharashtra, India (43 years old as of 2023). He studied at MSS High School in Pune and graduated from Pune University. In 2005, Vedvanth pursued his passion for filmmaking and studied at the Film and Television Institute of India.


Height (approximately): 6′

Hair color: black

Eye color: brown

Samir Vidvanth pictures


Parents and siblings

There is not much information about Sameer Vidwans’ parents and siblings.


Sameer’s husband is Indian screenwriter Iravati Karnik.

Sameer and his wife Iravati

Sameer and his wife Iravati



Sameer Vidwans made his directorial debut with the Marathi film Time Please (2013). He is popular through some notable films including Double Seat (2015), Mala Kahich Problem Nahi (2017) and Anandi Gopal (2019), about the first Indian female Western medicine doctor biopic). Played by Bhagyashree Milind.

Samir Vidvanth's film Anandi Gopal

Sameer Vidwans’ movie “Anandi Gopal” poster (2019)

In 2023, he directed the film “Satyaprem Ki Katha” starring Kartik Aryan and Kiara Advani.

Sameer (second from left) promotes his film 'Satyaprem Ki Katha'

Sameer (second from left) promotes his film ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha’


  • Samir won the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues for his film Anandi Gopal (2019).
    Sameer Vidwan wins National Award

    Sameer Vidwan wins National Award

Facts / Trivia

  • Sameer Vidwans’ film ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha’ was initially titled ‘Satyanarayan Ki Katha’ but was eventually changed to avoid hurting the religious sentiments of the public.
  • Sameer is close to actor Hemant Dhome.
  • He is a dog lover and often shares photos of his pet dogs on social media.
    Samir and dog

    Samir and dog

  • His film Satyaprem Ki Katha (2023) is a remake of the famous Pakistani song “Pasoori”.
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