Scooby-Doo: 10 Velma & Daphne Cosplay That Are Too Good

Very easy to channel Daphne and Velma scooby doo For cosplay, since their costumes aren’t too far off the casual look memo (unlike Maleficent or the boogeyman) stranger things). You could totally ride the bus to Comic-Con wearing a Velma sweater and skirt and no one would bat an eye unless you were holding a magnifying glass.

But for a good Scooby-Doo cosplay, is functionality the key, or is drama the key? Velma and Daphne cosplay would make a great BFF costume, or even a great mother-daughter twins costume, but what are the must-have elements for a Velma and Daphne cosplay? Let’s look at some of the best examples.

Perfect selection

19-year-old Bulgarian cosplayers Athena and Ezy Summers took creative freedom with their Velma and Daphne cosplays. The cosplayers also put a lot of thought into the color clash aspect of the costumes and included some simple contrasts which really helped set the mood for a fun shoot.

Ezy’s Velma costume and wig, in particular, are really fun and a bit unconventional. Ezy is actually a star in the wig styling world, just look at her Mera or Fiona cosplay looks.

surprise, surprise

Cosplayers Shay and Kirk’s original and well-designed cosplays of Velma and Daphne are exactly what dreamy cosplay looks are made of; the best thing about their looks is that their modifications are truly in sync with their fashion memo, and They clearly had a lot of fun picking out costumes and wigs.

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Interestingly, both Gen Z cosplayers are known for their elaborate and dramatic looks and costumes, but in this one, they channel Scooby-Doo Meet-Euphoria Set the mood by sticking to a few fun accessories.

new town

Celena Bleu and Sewing Sunshine’s cosplay begs the question: Can masks revolutionize the world of cosplay as we know it? This certainly opened up many avenues for cosplay culture, as picking out masks for nude costumes was also popular.

The two cosplayers chose a fairly simple, low-effort Daphne and Velma costume and imagined what it would be like if the two had to solve crimes during the pandemic. “Velma always wears a mask when solving mysteries with her friends during a global pandemic, especially as cases continue to rise where she lives!” Sewing Sunshine wrote on Instagram.

calling all terrorists

Everything about Kiera Please and La Hara screams, “Drama!” Ultimately, Scooby-Doo cosplay should be about having fun and changing a few details to channel the personality of the cosplayer, and cosplayers are really good at dressing up .

The look was clean and stylized, and the duo didn’t go overboard with the retro style; it’s great that La Hara chose an original Daphne look because it totally worked without taking away from the essence of her outfit.

Feeling cold all over!

Every scooby doo Ideally, cosplay should get the level of horror right for every shoot, and Polish cosplayers Luiza and Kairis’ shoot does exactly that. The duo also introduced some fun, theme-related props and settings that served as a nice complement.

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“I know it’s December but we still have some spooky vibes here! It’s so hard to survive online these days. I’m just going through working from home right now and being stuck is not doing me any good. It’s only been a month ,” Louisa wrote on Instagram.

Season’s greetings

The best part about this role play is how enjoyable it is.French cosplayers Yuki Kokoro and Tsuki chose sunny, quirky color palettes for their costumes scooby doo The cosplay was also very well planned as they used some very practical accessories to make their looks stand out.

Although Daphne never carries a handbag on the show, in 2020, she might sport a vintage makeup bag to match her outfits.In fact, this cosplay is a nice change from other moody or horror themed cosplays scooby doo role play.

Ghost Hunter Diary

Cosplayer and special effects artist Lala’s cosplays often feature exaggerated prosthetics, elaborate wigs, and impeccably styled props (just look at her latex Catwoman look). But when it came to playing Velma, she opted for a rather traditional approach, sticking to stockings and an oversized jumper.

The pops of color work wonders for this look as they are quite gorgeous without being over the top. Cosplayer Cassandra Ariel plays Velma and shared details about sourcing the wig and costume on Instagram.

dark and funky

Polish cosplayers Skyravi and Magdalena pushed the mood lighting for this shot to great effect.Magdalena actually uses wonderful, soft lighting in many of her photo shoots, but it really works well for this scooby doo role play as it is very relevant to the themes and concepts of the series.

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In terms of costumes and wigs, the cosplayers stuck to classic elements in terms of the character’s look; this cosplay works really well because the friendship between the two really shines through.

company of four

This excellent team effort really deserves a special mention in the review, as it’s so cleverly scripted.The best cosplay is about the storytellers and cosplayers Kitakichan’s Kitty’s Velma Cosplay Gel was really great with this group scooby doo role play.

The picture is also very odd in that it’s set in a plausible moment with Velma trying to find her lost glasses, and the photography is also very clear. Itakichan of Hamburg cosplayer Kitakichan plays Daphne in it, but Velma totally steals the show.

happy time

This creative Daphne and Velma cosplay is all about the right to improvise, and is a great inspiration for cosplayers eager to change up their overall look; cosplayers Oara and Maichka chose a carefree, relaxed and Vibrant style scooby doo role play.

Not only did they change the entire outfit and just stick to the color scheme, they also slightly emphasized the narrative in the photo shoot. For costumes that feature a very unique wig or other character-defining accessory, it’s always possible to make some significant modifications as long as some specific, recognizable elements remain the same.

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